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Twin Peaks Eats: Jerry Horne’s Legendary Smoked Cheese Pig

Tonight is the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. And I am super-stoked, but also extra tired because I just spent the last two days making smoked cheese pigs and then editing a video about them. Please, check ’em out. … Continue reading

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The Truth is Still Out There!

Oh. Em. Gee. THE X-FILES is coming back!!!  This is the SECOND best thing to happen to me in the past year, right behind the Blu-Ray release of Twin Peaks (remember, I did a slew of Tuesdays devoted to that) and then … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Official Twin Peaks Cherry Pie

Today is the day! I should be receiving my Twin Peaks box in the mail this afternoon. Needless to say, I am very excited. Plus, for this final Twin Peaks Tuesday I’ve saved the best for last: the official Twin Peaks … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: 1 Week Left!

OK, I don’t have any new content. Because I am tired. And the other website went up yesterday. And I’m just not feeling 100% at the moment. So, to tide you over until next Tuesday, when I will finally get … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Maple Syrup

So we already know that Agent Cooper loves cremated bacon and eggs over hard. But how does he like his flapjacks? Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham! OK, can we agree that Agent Cooper is … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesdays: Coop’s Breakfast

In one of the series’ best moments, hell, one of tv’s best moments, Agent Cooper, in the dining room of the Great Northern Hotel, sips a damn fine cup of coffee and orders a very specific breakfast. Now, I’d like … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: In the Red Room

Let’s learn how to talk like you’re in the Red Room with our friend the Man from Another Place! I’ve learned it too: !kcor s’teL…elihwnaeM .lla ta gnol ton, oS .(yadseuT txen a.k.a.) seert eromacys eht–seert eht ni ouy ees … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesdays: The Norwegians are Leaving!

In the Twin Peaks pilot, Ben Horne is courting a group of Norwegian businessmen over breakfast. The Norwegians seemed to be buying what Ben was selling; but eventually some shit goes down (you have to go watch the pilot to … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Georgia Coffee

Last week I told you that, in honor of the upcoming Blu-Ray box-set release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, I’d be dedicating Tuesdays to Twin Peaks. Here is a series of deliciously weird coffee advertisements that ran in Japan … Continue reading

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Cher’s Meatballs

It’s Cher’s birthday! And in honor of this special day, I am sharing the recipe for one of her own dishes. It’s from this cookbook: (I totally want a copy!) Although this recipe could have just as easily come from … Continue reading

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