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Linguine Salad Supreme Light

It is so insanely hot here–and I assume that it’s hot where you are, too–that the last thing I want to do is write about a dish that would require any sort of baking/grilling/roasting/broiling. I am all about chilled foods … Continue reading

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33. Liver a la Gourmet

I have no idea why I have been unable to write this post. It’s been completely piecemeal, stops and starts, a line here, a line there, and then just apathy. This dinner turned out pretty good, and liver is such … Continue reading

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81. Veal Paprika

I must confess that I like veal. A good Veal Marsala from a fine Italian establishment is just tops. I remember having a particularly good Marsala on Mulberry St. in NYC’s Lil’ It-lee with my old college roommate. This was years and … Continue reading

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