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186. Chocolate Ripple Coffee Cake (with Canadian Bacon)

  My Celebration of Canadian Food Stuffs rolls on with card 186, which features Canadian Bacon. First, let me tell you about the Canadian bacon. Mr. Sauce, Esq. and I wanted to be all autumnal back in October and do … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Eats: Black As Midnight Cocktail

All Twin Peaks fans–(what are we Peakers? Like Trekkies or Fannibals? Someone tell me, please)–know exactly how Dale Cooper likes his coffee: So I have whipped up a cocktail that is not only as black as midnight on a moonless … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: PIEATHALON Edition

I’m still celebrating the Pieathalon, so it’s a good thing that Twin Peaks is so pie-heavy. Be sure to watch the great video at the end.

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Georgia Coffee

Last week I told you that, in honor of the upcoming Blu-Ray box-set release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, I’d be dedicating Tuesdays to Twin Peaks. Here is a series of deliciously weird coffee advertisements that ran in Japan … Continue reading

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What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Is anyone going to watch the Winter Olympics? I guess I will. I am a fan of figure skating. Although I couldn’t name any of the current skaters. I miss the days of Nancy Kerrigan, Viktor Petrenko, Elvis Sojko, Kristy … Continue reading

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May Foodie Pen Pals!

So after a few months of abstaining, I once again signed up for Foodie Pen Pals. I received a box from Amber, who is a college student in Virginia Beach. Here it is: The contents included a beverage bonanza of … Continue reading

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