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For National Sandwich Day: Isaly’s Chipped Ham Barbecue

Yesterday was National Sandwich Day, which, should be celebrated nationally. It would have absolutely thrilled me to observe the day with a McRib, but, alas, the damn things never made it anywhere near Baltimore.  So, I made a barbecue sandwich … Continue reading

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GIF of the Week!

No, scratch that. This is a GIF for the AGES!   A cat emerging from a pepperoni pizza hatch? I can watch this for hours. Also, the cat looks almost exactly like Brian. For realsies.   Everyone, enjoy your holiday … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Pieathalon!

Brace yourself, kittens. In the grand tradition of the Knoxapocalypse (I & II) and the Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong, comes another vintage recipe blogging challenge the likes of which have never been seen. Because most of it is covered in … Continue reading

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