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Wiener Wednesday: Pork Sausage Croutes

The Marguerite Patten Recipe Cards have returned! And with a vengeance! Feast your eyes on this: Well, these definitely look…weird. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Patten! Let me get this out of the way: I didn’t make … Continue reading

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Fishy Friday Flashback: Baked Stuffed Bass

In the spirit of the season (and by the season I mean Lent) I’m offering you a dinner fit for a meatless Friday. This is from all the way back in June 2011, so I know that this will be … Continue reading

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Nic’s British Sausage Rolls

This quick and easy (2 ingredient!) recipe comes from my brother, Nic. When he was in Sunderland, UK for art school he came across these little tasty treats and liked them so much he recreated them at home. Hence the … Continue reading

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11. Baked Stuffed Bass

I’m not a fan of seafood that is not of the crustacean variety. I’ve mentioned that fact every time a fish card is drawn. In some cases I have been pleasantly surprised, and in others I’m all “I still don’t … Continue reading

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