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For National Sandwich Day: Isaly’s Chipped Ham Barbecue

Yesterday was National Sandwich Day, which, should be celebrated nationally. It would have absolutely thrilled me to observe the day with a McRib, but, alas, the damn things never made it anywhere near Baltimore.  So, I made a barbecue sandwich … Continue reading

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Brian & Britney

 I have been slacking on the blog-front because I’m kinda busy. Like, super-busy. Do you see that giant pile of crap behind Britney? Those are boxes. Why are there so many boxes, you ask…?

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GIF of the Week!

No, scratch that. This is a GIF for the AGES!   A cat emerging from a pepperoni pizza hatch? I can watch this for hours. Also, the cat looks almost exactly like Brian. For realsies.   Everyone, enjoy your holiday … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Brian’s been hitting the bottle (and the catnip) all day long. He’s a hot mess. Look at him, he can’t even stand up straight. So how has your St. Patrick’s Day been thus far? It’s snowy here. Again. At work … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Dinner is Served!

Last week I hit my 3-year anniversary with both the blog and Brian! Can you believe it? I can’t. I seriously can’t. I don’t know the last time I committed to something this long that wasn’t a loveless, soul-sucking relationship … Continue reading

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Happy National Jell-O Week! (Brian bonus included)

It is once again that time of year. Yesterday began National Jell-O Week. Or at least according to the random holiday website that I just linked to. But anyhoo, National Jell-O week is, for me, and some other folks (I’m looking … Continue reading

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What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Is anyone going to watch the Winter Olympics? I guess I will. I am a fan of figure skating. Although I couldn’t name any of the current skaters. I miss the days of Nancy Kerrigan, Viktor Petrenko, Elvis Sojko, Kristy … Continue reading

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Good Tidings & Cheer…

…from Brian and me! I hope that you find everything that you wished for under your tree (Brian just got covered in sap). Merry Christmas yinz guys!

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Shrimp Sputnik

Holiday greetings, my friends! Do any of the following statements apply to you? I want to knock the socks off of all my friends and family at Christmas Dinner. My holiday spread is lacking a breathtaking focal point. I love … Continue reading

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Beverage Bonus: The Liberace

OMG you guys. Did everyone watch Behind the Candelabra? Um, if you didn’t you need to get on some HBO ASAP or find someone who subscribes and then watch the shit out of it. How can you not? Behind the … Continue reading

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