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Playboy’s Classic Champagne Cocktail

I’m still on vacation. I’m still chillaxing and enjoying the fact that I am done with the 1972 cards. I’m celebrating, bitches. And what is more celebratory than a little champs? Um. NOTHING! Enter Playboy’s Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 … Continue reading

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Dinner is Served 1972!

Yep. I got the little WordPress notification yesterday. February 24th was the day of my first post. Which was basically THIS: So far I have learned that I need a lot to learn about blogging. I think that the cooking part … Continue reading

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Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

It’s my 400th post!!!!Well, who the hell ever thought I’d get this far? Not me! For my 400th post, I wanted it to be a very special post. And it IS a very special post! But first, let’s get a little … Continue reading

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Winter Break!

If you follow the FB page, you may remember that on the 9th I made the comment, “I think I want to take February off.” Well, there’s only 3 days of the month left (we’re not in a Leap Year, … Continue reading

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New Year Pretzel & City Chicken (A Very Pittsburgh New Year)

Happy New Year, kittens! The days of December 31 and January 1 are rife with superstition and things to do and not do in order to roll into the new year as a lucky duck and leave the bad parts … Continue reading

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For National Sandwich Day: Isaly’s Chipped Ham Barbecue

Yesterday was National Sandwich Day, which, should be celebrated nationally. It would have absolutely thrilled me to observe the day with a McRib, but, alas, the damn things never made it anywhere near Baltimore.  So, I made a barbecue sandwich … Continue reading

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Brian & Britney

 I have been slacking on the blog-front because I’m kinda busy. Like, super-busy. Do you see that giant pile of crap behind Britney? Those are boxes. Why are there so many boxes, you ask…?

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GIF of the Week!

No, scratch that. This is a GIF for the AGES!   A cat emerging from a pepperoni pizza hatch? I can watch this for hours. Also, the cat looks almost exactly like Brian. For realsies.   Everyone, enjoy your holiday … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Brian’s been hitting the bottle (and the catnip) all day long. He’s a hot mess. Look at him, he can’t even stand up straight. So how has your St. Patrick’s Day been thus far? It’s snowy here. Again. At work … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Dinner is Served!

Last week I hit my 3-year anniversary with both the blog and Brian! Can you believe it? I can’t. I seriously can’t. I don’t know the last time I committed to something this long that wasn’t a loveless, soul-sucking relationship … Continue reading

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