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New Year Chinese Feast 2017 (Happy National Buffet Day!)

This year is over. Finally. Our national nightmare rages on, but we made it to the other side of Year One. And January 2 is (was) National Buffet Day! (I started writing this yesterday but didn’t post until today, so … Continue reading

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124. Macaroni, Tomato and Cheese Bake (1973) ft. Elvis’ Rice Pudding

It’s the end of summer, but it’s the return of Dinner is Served 1972! Yeah, I’ve been neglecting the blog, life just got in the way, know what I mean? As you may have noticed, there are new ads on … Continue reading

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119. Chicken a la King (Happy 6th Anniversary!)

I think it was established long ago that I am a horrible person. Or if not a horrible person, at least someone who deserves a Jerry Seinfeld Award in Dating Excellence. Because I am still out there. Dating. And doing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from Brian & Margot!

Thank sweet baby Jesus that 2016 is over. I was so over it I was under it–and being suffocated by it. But as a palate-cleanser, and maybe a forecast of what is to come, I bring to you this Moment … Continue reading

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Jo Funkhouser’s Punch (1966)

It’s been a while. Because I’ve been super-busy. And maybe because everything just went to shit! In the first part of November Brian and Margot got fleas. The fleas then somehow turned into Brian peeing on things. This is basically … Continue reading

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Playboy’s Classic Champagne Cocktail

I’m still on vacation. I’m still chillaxing and enjoying the fact that I am done with the 1972 cards. I’m celebrating, bitches. And what is more celebratory than a little champs? Um. NOTHING! Enter Playboy’s Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 … Continue reading

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Dinner is Served 1972!

Yep. I got the little WordPress notification yesterday. February 24th was the day of my first post. Which was basically THIS: So far I have learned that I need a lot to learn about blogging. I think that the cooking part … Continue reading

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Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

It’s my 400th post!!!!Well, who the hell ever thought I’d get this far? Not me! For my 400th post, I wanted it to be a very special post. And it IS a very special post! But first, let’s get a little … Continue reading

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Winter Break!

If you follow the FB page, you may remember that on the 9th I made the comment, “I think I want to take February off.” Well, there’s only 3 days of the month left (we’re not in a Leap Year, … Continue reading

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New Year Pretzel & City Chicken (A Very Pittsburgh New Year)

Happy New Year, kittens! The days of December 31 and January 1 are rife with superstition and things to do and not do in order to roll into the new year as a lucky duck and leave the bad parts … Continue reading

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