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Locke-Ober’s New England Boiled Dinner (1965)

Firstly, just because I am posting a New England post today does not mean that I am endorsing the New England Patriots in this Sunday’s AFC Championship. Because, Steelers. Duh. Also, I actively hate the New England Patriots with a … Continue reading

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Hooray for Hors d’Oeuvres: Double Weenie Wreath

Howdy, kittens! Are you somewhere that’s getting snow? If so, I really hope that you went out shopping yesterday and already have your milk, bread, and toilet paper. I’m looking specifically at our friends in New York and New England. … Continue reading

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Bento Box Clam Donburi & Sweet Simmered Shiitakes

So ten years ago I went on one of the worst dates of my life (yes, dating fails aren’t new to me). The guy, Everett, was older than me–I want to say he was 30–I was 23 or 24. We … Continue reading

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