Esquire Cook-Book Romaine Salad (1955)

I received a copy of the Esquire Cook-Book as a Christmas gift last year (thanks, mum!)



Now, mine didn’t have it, but here is the original book jacket:


So, yes, being Esquire, it is directed to men. To teach them the basics of cooking and entertaining, not much different than the The Playboy Gourmet (1977)and Playboy’s Host & Bar Book (1971).

The Playboy Gourmetplayboy-host-bar-book-1000x1333.jpgplayboyparty

But unlike those cookbooks with glossy color photos, this one is peppered with adorable drawings.And some of the copy is absolutely fabulous.

inner manrabbitpig partsspecialty meats

The cover says: For the pioneering male with a taste for fine food, and for the woman who wants to be the perfect hostess, here is a beautiful, unique, and practical guide to the best in eating, with over 750 delicious recipes. More than 200 illustrations in color by CHARMATZ.

I love that a man who would want a cookbook in 1955 would be considered a “pioneering male.” To boldly go where no man has gone before–the kitchen. Don’t guys realize that one of the best ways to impress a chick is by cooking for them?

Oh. Speaking of men–I’m online dating again. I’m Bumbling. OK, well I’ve always been bumbling, but now I’m on Bumbler. It’s a stupid name, but the whole situation is stupid, so it’s fitting.

So I’ve been doing the app and chatting and have gotten to the place where it’s like, “let’s make plans!” with two different guys. Well, we make the plans and then I text to confirm the day before or that morning, “are we still getting together?”

I received this response from Guy 1:

“Here’s where I am…I went on a couple dates with someone else and I think that’s the direction I’m going. I’ve done the multiple person dating thing and it can get tricky, especially if I like you. So we should cancel tonight. I kinda botched that, I am sorry.”

And then this response from Guy 2:

“Hey Emily…so sorry about yesterday. I’ve been cramming in last minute stuff for the semester. Unfortunately, I’ve met someone I’m really interested in dating and I’m not the type of person to date multiple people – it just takes a lot of time and energy that I don’t really have.

You seem like a super great woman, Emily, and I wish you all the best on finding a great guy!”

Basically I have been rejected twice without even meeting the dudes. TWICE. And with essentially the same text message.

But I guess I’m super great…?

Yeah, so I’m back at it. I hope that all of you are happy.


But now back to the cookbook!

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Jo Funkhouser’s Punch (1966)

It’s been a while. Because I’ve been super-busy.

And maybe because everything just went to shit!

In the first part of November Brian and Margot got fleas. The fleas then somehow turned into Brian peeing on things. This is basically what my house looked like for a good part of last month:

It was a fucking war zone.

All I did was vacuum and do laundry for about two weeks.

So then I hosted my parents for Thanksgiving, which was nice. But the holidays can be stressful, amiright? Throw in there that Mr. Kinsey and I kinda got back together and then totally got un-together,  and that November is the busiest month of the year for me work-wise, and that the fleas were never REALLY gone so I had my house bug-bombed for both the fleas and the assorted insects that are coming over from the vacant house next door–it’s been a bit much.

Also, even though the bug-bomb happened, the fleas came back. And Brian started peeing on things again. So for almost a week I was sleeping on in the guest bedroom (because he was peeing on my bed!). And doing so much laundry.

Anyway, I went to get a massage earlier this week because my neck was so sore–the masseur said that he’s never seen such tight shoulders!–so I guess I’m a wee bit stressed.

That could explain why I’m drinking like THIS.

BUT! I did throw a party for the Mayor’s Christmas Parade two weekends ago!

Here I am, drink and American flag in hand, so, so, so excited for Darth Santa to appear!

And for my party I made Jo Funkhouser’s Punch.

It is from the Recipes That Please Cook Book compiled by the St. Alphonsus Mothers’ Club of Springdale, PA (1966)

punch recipe

DSCN2472[1]I did make a few changes (of course). Frozen lemon juice? Is that a thing? I dunno. I used a can of lemonade. I had canned pineapple juice so I used that and not frozen. Also, they don’t have frozen pineapple juice at the Safeway.

You know what else they didn’t have? FROZEN STRAWBERRIES. So raspberries were the next best thing.


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A Very Liberace Thanksgiving

The countdown to Thanksgiving 2016 rolls on! And really there is no better way to do so than this little gem of a video, the Thanksgiving episode of The Liberace Show (1954).

For no other reason, you want to watch it just because good ol’ Lee serenades a turkey.

A live turkey.

And then the turkey dances.

A real, live turkey dances!

Seriously, I shit you not.

If you think I am lying, click HERE to see one of the greatest Thanksgiving television specials ever.


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Thanksgiving Countdown!

Let’s kick it off the week with this tasty hunk of meat:

I miss you, Bob Benson. And I miss you, Mad Men.

Here’s another look at that glorious Thanksgiving apron (and the gorgeous man wrapped in it):




He is a cutie.

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Hannibal Lecter’s Beef Tongue w. Horseradish

Hello again!

It’s been a week since election day and what a shit week it’s been. I didn’t take the election too well (understatement), work is all shades of meh, and both Brian and Margot have fleas! So for the past couple of days I’ve been doing nothing but flea combing (gross), sprinkling diatomaceous earth on the carpets and furniture, and then vacuuming it all up. All mixed in with sobbing and existential dread.

So please excuse me that it took me so much longer to post this than I intended.

But on to bigger things! This is the last of the three recipe cards I purchased from the Hannibal prop auction back in April. (if you missed them the others are Pork Liver w. Bacon  and Italian Sweet Sausage).

For some goddamned reason it took me FOREVER to get my hands on a beef tongue. I basically called the meat department of every grocery store within a five mile radius of my house.

But I finally found one at Wegmans!



All four pounds of it!


If you watched the end of the video and now want your own copy of the most fabulous cookbook Feeding Hannibal by Janice Poon, buy your own copy through this site to support DiS1972!

Now, do you want to know what I did with the rest of the tongue….?

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Smirnoff Election Punch (1971)

It’s here! It’s finally here!

I don’t know how you plan on spending your election day, but after work I’m shutting down everything that could possibly tell me anything about the election until the morning after.

So tonight I will sit, glass (bottle) of wine in hand, luxuriating in blissful radio silence.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to! Here is a Yankee Doodle of an idea from “The Open-House Brunch” chapter of The Smirnoff Brunch Book (1971):


“Your favorite candidate is coming to town on his political swing, and it’s your job to see that he meets the people. The best way for him to meet the most people is with a brunch, at your house, maybe even a staggered brunch with people coming in shifts. You’ll be having a mob, so a punch-and-finger-foods party is in order. It can all be prepared and ready in advance, giving you time to aid your candidate in his quest for votes.”


Well, that sounds exhausting.

Fun fact: I actually did work on a political campaign back in 2010 when Dok Harris ran for the Mayor of Pittsburgh. And when Dearly Departed Cleve was on the scene, I would volunteer and GOTV (that’s get out the vote, for you not in the know). But that was because he was my boyfriend and shit. I kinda had to.

But now just let me say, NEVER AGAIN. 

I am all about voting. It is my duty and a right and a privilege as an American; but I’d have to go through all 24 drinks of this Smirnoff Election Punch to get me to do anything related to politics as long as I live. I am sure a lot of you share that sentiment.

OK, let’s take a look at the recipes…

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Pittsburgh Turkey Devonshire for Sandwich Day 2016!

Hello! Happy Sandwich Day!turntosammy

I honor of the occasion, I am sharing a post that first appeared in 2014. This post will be very relevant come the end of the month because it is a most excellent way to use up leftover Thanksgiving Turkey.

Check it out!

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Playboy Gourmet Cold Bisque of Shrimp Soup (1977)

Back in June I was at the wedding of two of my dear friends Erin & Anthony. At my assigned table it was me, Mr. Kinsey, Dan & Jon, some people I didn’t know, and my friend Evan and his date.

Mr. Kinsey and I, of course, were like the cool kid assholes from high school who basically sat in the corner silently judging everyone and had complete disregard for all rules and boundaries.
E&A wedding 1E&A wedding 2

Anyway, the wedding ceremony is all said and done and we are getting all settled at the table, this is the conversation I have with the girl accompanying Evan:

Me: Hi, you must be Evan’s girlfriend who I’ve heard so much about!

Her: No, I’m not.

Me: Oh. Sorry.

Her: We got engaged 3 weeks ago!!!

Me: Oh! Wow! Congratulations! You know, for the longest time Evan and I were the only single people in this circle of friends.

Evan: Don’t worry, Emily. Someone will get divorced eventually.


I’m not single! Do you not see that I have a date? (for more on that read to the end)

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Mexican Sherry Gelatin Dessert

Hola, kittens!

Today on my youtube channel I posted a brand-spankin’ new video.

In it I make a packet of sherry-flavored gelatin and try my hand at solo shooting and editing.

Please be kind–I’m rusty and youtube is really basic. I’m looking for a better editing option, but at the moment this is what I got.

Also, please let me know in the comments if you are interested in seeing more of me in videos or if you prefer me just blogging on this site like I have been.


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National Noodle Day!

Foodimentary informs me that today is National Noodle Day!

table of contents.jpg

In honor of the occasion, let’s take a quick trip back into the past and see some of the best and worst dinners where I used my noodle.

Click on the pictures to take you back in tiiiiiime.

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