Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

It’s my 400th post!!!!partybrandiWell, who the hell ever thought I’d get this far? Not me! For my 400th post, I wanted it to be a very special post.

And it IS a very special post!

But first, let’s get a little recipe out of the way. This is my Super Summer Sangria. Which I also turned into a Super Summer Sangria Punch for my Pork Pie Potluck (because we all know how much I love a good punch).

white sangriaSuper Summer Sangria Punch

  • Cheap Jug White Wine
  • 2 sliced lemons
  • 2 sliced oranges
  • Juice from 2 oranges
  • 2 liter bottle of diet Ginger Ale
  • Brandy
  • Sliced mango (if you’re feeling frisky)

Put orange slices, lemons slices, and the orange juice in the bottom of a punch bowl. Add whatever is left in the bottle of brandy you have in the back of your liquor cabinet and muddle it just a wee bit. Fill the rest of the bowl half way with diet ginger ale and the other half with the cheapy jug wine. And then maybe add some ice rings you made with slices of lemon, orange, and mango. Throw in the remainder of the mango into the bowl. 

Summer Sangria Punch

summersangriaAs the night progresses, and your alcoholic party goers imbibe, refill the punch bowl as needed with whatever you have left. That could be more fruit! More ice rings! Something sparkling! Rose? A bit of Random Lillet! Sherry? WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! Shit, throw in some grapes. Got lime? Pineapple juice? Fuck yeah!

But the easiest, simplest version is with things that you probably have on hand most evenings (or at least I do): white wine, diet ginger ale, bottled orange juice, and lemon slices. Perfect to throw together for unexpected guests (or just one, big lush).

OK, so let’s now get to the most important part of this post!

I’ve been lax on the posting because I got a promotion at work (adjustment phase). And because I went away for the 4th of July (see last post).  But mostly because of this: I adopted another cat.

Click through and let me introduce you to the newest resident of DiS! headquarters….

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In Case You’re Going to the Beach This Weekend…


Be sure to stock up on Shark Repellent Bat-Spray!

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Gin is It! (3 Gin Cocktails)

blog list

See, I have not forgotten! Here is a preview. Some of these I’ve already crossed off.

My darlings! I have been neglecting my blog. There are many reasons why, which are too many to go through right now, but please know that although I haven’t written as of late, I have many delightful dishes to share with you in the future (see photo, right).

But first, cocktails!

Due to parties and company, (and the fact that I am an absolute lush) my reserves have been reduced to bitters, vermouth, sherry, Lillet, gin, lemons, oranges, and one can of Blue Moon.

So, I’ve been making cocktails with gin.

Lots of cocktails with gin.

I present to you the Bees’ Knees, Gin Old Fashioned, and Bronx …

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National Chocolate Eclair Day

Just remember, kittens: adjacent to refuse, is refuse.


chocolate elcair

Watch the scene here.

Now go to Dunkin Donuts and get yourself an eclair.

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The Astronaut Wives Club Ham Loaf

On last night’s premiere episode of The Astronaut Wives Club, Mrs. Alan Shepard gets all down in the doldrums either because her husband is in space or because he bangs anything in a bikini down at Cape Canaveral.

abc_astronauts_wives_club_trailer__twocolumncontentRegardless, as she’s home moping, the other wives decide to cheer her up by bringing over food: bubbly, Ambrosia, coffee cake, ham loaf, and Bacon Banana Hollandaise.

As one often does.

I refuse to believe that anyone has made the Banana Hollandiase un-ironically. However, my ears did perk up at the sound of Ham Loaf. Because I’ve made that!

The Ham Loaf recipe,  like the New Year’s Eve Pretzel, is from the world-famous Three Rivers Cookbook (seriously, it is famous!) And like the pretzel, I wasn’t looking for it, the loaf just jumped off the page.

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111. Broiled Fillet of Sole

Todd and Leah came to visit!

For this special occasion, I decided to make a DiS!.

Actually, scratch that. I was ordered to make a DiS! because Todd and Leah missed our Sunday dinners. And, since I’m a girl who can’t say no, I complied (also, I have to get through these damn cards by the end of the year).

On whichever weekend this was, in between their arrival late Friday night (during the Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview–this is how far behind I am on posting!),  the wedding they attended on Saturday evening, and their departure on Sunday morning, I had to somehow fit in a full meal. Well, there was only one option: brunch.

111 card filet of sole

And who doesn’t love brunch?

People who don’t know what’s good.

And, apparently, this guy:

brunch shirt

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PIEATHALON: Melton Mowbray Pie

It’s the 2nd Annual Pieathalon, kittens!


Welcome to my contribution, the Melton Mowbray Pie from the Vincent Price Treasury of Great Recipes. This British recipe was submitted by the lovely Jenny of Silver Screen Suppers, who, happens to be British.

This is a whopper of a recipe.


cropped pie

Lemme walk you through it….

12:30: removed the bone and the fat and all the tendons from a 4.3 lb pork shoulder. Also peeled the delicious skin off of a frozen chunk of Christmas Eve ham that I was still holding onto. Because Christmas Eve ham should never just be tossed into the trash.

pork shoulder

45 minutes to get the bone removed and get rid of all the fat/tendon

1:15: added pork bone to a pot with two pigs feet (I did 2 because I couldn’t find any veal) and the celery, onion, etc. to make stock. On to simmer.

pigs feet

One day I will make pickled or jellied pigs feet

stock base

Parsley from my garden!

2:00: made pastry with the help of my trusty KitchenAid mixer

2:25: covered dough to rest

2:30: cubed pork shoulder and ham into small cubes and combined with salt, pepper, and sage. It took me a whole frickin half hour to cube the meat!

cubed pork and ham

It’s a good thing I took the entire dough-resting time to chop

3:00: knead/cut/roll out dough and lined spring-form pan

Oh, bother. I am so bad at baking/pastry. But I gotta do what I gotta do…

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Hannibal the Cannibal Canapes Burgundy

Hannibal season 3 publicity shots released_FULLIt’s here! It’s here! The season 3 premiere of the best damn show on television, Hannibal!

I can’t say enough about this phenomenal television series. And, for serious, yinz guys, why aren’t you watching it yet?

I absolutely love Hannibal. It has all the trademarks of a show that I would be totally down with (see also: Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Six Feet Under, American Horror Story)

  • Weird dreams
  • Murder
  • Surrealism
  • Batshit insane characters
  • Mad crazy sexual tension
  • Gore
  • Pretty people in pretty clothes
  • Bizarre ways to die!
  • Amazing guest stars
  • Mystery
  • Spooky music
  • Great sound design

Plus, there is Scully.


And, I want to say that Mads Mikkelsen KILLS IT as Hannibal Lecter. He’s the best. Suck it, Hopkins! #SorryNotSorry

eat the rudeIn preparation for today’s big show, I made a Hannibal-themed dish and tucked into season 2’s finale, the epic Mizumono.

So, those are the meats that I bought last weekend.
saturday meats

And yes, oxtails or beef kidney or pig feet (especially the pig feet–heeeeey, Mason Verger!) would have been appropriate, but I decided to go with a dish from my copy of the Playboy’s Host and Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 edition).

Cannibal Canapes Burgundy Recipe

Cannibal Canape recipe

OK, this may gross you out. Because raw meat. But it’s a good way to introduce steak tartare to those who’ve tasted raw beef!

This doesn’t weird me out because I always taste my meatball mixtures raw to make sure the seasoning is just so AND my Pap Pap was a fan of a Cannibal Sandwich, which I think was just ground beef, salt, and pepper on white bread. And that sounds delicious to me. Is that so wrong?

So, no, I had no qualms about making an uncooked dish.

I couldn’t find a Burgundy, other than big Carlo Rossi jugs, so I went with a Pinot Noir (it was French!). I’m not hating on big Carlo Rossi jugs, because I can make a mean Sangria out of those. But aside from the wine sub, I just halved the recipe and followed it to the T.

I also made my own rye Melba rounds because I had some rye bread in the freezer.

So, here they are. AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS.

latemayearlyjune 028

Meat? Good. Wine? Good. Capers? Love ’em. Parsley? I grew my own!

latemayearlyjune 037Of course, they should be served with a Mason Verger Martini (tears of children optional). Or, perhaps a nice Chianti. (but that should be saved for liver and Fava beans).

I chose a red background, because BLOOD. But my snowflake plate because it’s always snowing. The show is shot in Canada (see also: The X-Files).

I baked some of the meatballs for those of you who may be squeamish or what not.

cooked cannibal meatballs

They were good, but the cooking made them really salty. Raw is the way to go.

Want to see some of the other Hannibal-approved dishes I’ve made? And by Hannibal-approved, I mean anything involving organ meats, check these out:

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Ramp-O-Rama: Ramp Gibson

I asked you, gentle readers, for ideas on what to do with the rest of my pickled ramps, and you gave them to me (thank you!). One of the suggestions–and how the hell did it never occur to me to do this? –was make a COCKTAIL!

ramp martiniSo here it is, a Ramp Gibson.

Ramp Gibson

Make a Martini with the Vodka or Gin of your choice

Garnish with a ramp or two.

….and that’s it.

Seriously, a Gibson is nothing more than a Martini with a pickled onion garnish in lieu of an olive or a twist.

This is a very, very, yummy drink. And the ramp is an excellent sub for a regular ol’ cocktail onion because the pickled ramps are slightly sweet.

Mmmmmmmmm. Watch out! These go down easy.

ramp cocktail

And a word of warning: don’t drink them if you’re planning on making out with someone later. Because you will have some monster ramp breath afterwards.

Making out is not a problem for me right now–in that I am not doing any of that at all.

So I guess I’m saying that making out is a problem for me right now….?

Now, after the jump is an excellent infographic to give you the low down on the ins and outs of the Martini, via FIX.COM

Highly informative. You’ll be an expert!

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Ramp-O-Rama: Pickled Ramps

rampsHello, there ramp fans!

For my final ramp dish, since I had  all the white (and red), rooty parts of the plant left, I made a refrigerator pickle.

A damn fine refrigerator pickle!

I went onto the Interwebz and found this recipe from SAVEUR.

SAVEUR’s Pickled Ramps

1 tbsp. kosher salt, plus more as needed
2 lb. ramps, cleaned, green leaves trimmed to 1″ past white and red parts
1 cup white wine vinegar
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. mustard seed
1 tsp. pink peppercorns
1 tsp. white peppercorns
12 tsp. caraway seed
12 tsp. fennel seed
12 tsp. cumin seeds
1 bay leaf

Long story short:

Blanch the ramps in boiling water and then dunk in an ice bath.rampbottoms

In a sauce pan, cook and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

pickled rampsLet the mixture cool and then pour it over the ramps in a jar (I used a cleaned spaghetti sauce jar) and close it. Put the jar in the fridge.

The recipe says that it stays for 2 weeks, but I think we all know that refrigerator pickles can last much longer than that.

These are quite tasty–sweet, tangy–the flavor of the ramps just sits in your chest much like when you eat a spicy pepper (or, I guess, a lot of garlic), but these aint’ spicy. Just very RAMPY.

pickled ramps in jar

I’ve been taking little bites out of the jar here and there, but I still can’t think of anything that I really want to do with them. Put them on a sandwich? As a side with a piece of what–chicken? Fish?

Do you have any ideas?


I’d love some ideas.

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