Yinzerella Comes Alive!


Man, this is a shitty album cover.

Or whatnot.

Long story short, I was sick of seeing other people pop up with my oh-so-fantastic name.

So yes, random person, you can have the blogspot. And yes, random WTAE anchor, you can call yourself a Yinzerella on your twitter bio.

But I got the gmail. I got the twitter. I got the Pinterest. And the Facebook. And now, friends, I got the .com

Yes, www.yinzerella.com has gone live today.

Granted, it is just a portal to get right back here where you started (that is some meta shit), but I just wanted to own it. I have to own the .com if I am going to build my empire, right? (insert evil laugh here)

I dunno, maybe I’ll do something else with it eventually. Right now it’s just a super-sweet slideshow of awesome things. And pictures of Brian and me (granted, we are awesome things).

Does anyone know anything about trademarking??? I know that I could look that up, but I’m too lazy.  I just spent way too much time putting together gifs of Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Loretta Lynn’s Howdy Spread

Last summer, as my mother and I drove through Tennessee for my pilgrimage to Graceland, we kept seeing these along the highway:


We couldn’t stop on the way down, but we knew that we HAD to go swing by Hurricane Mills, TN on our way back.

loretta kitchen

I mean, there was a gift shop!

We both ordered a pretty standard Southern breakfast with eggs, bacon, and grits. I had to have a biscuit with sausage gravy as well because I love biscuits. They are definitely in my top 10 favorite foods. And also, I have a penchant for foods that could eventually kill you. The food wasn’t the greatest, but for kitsch the place gets a 10.

Here is me sitting with the buffalo at the front of Loretta’s kitchen:

loretta lynn's buffalo

Because why wouldn’t there be a buffalo?

Here is my mum with the portrait of Loretta that hangs in the entrance to the restaurant.

Loretta Lynn Kitchen Portrait

Miss Loretta must really love that picture of herself because it is on the cover of this little gem that I found in the gift shop:

Loretta Lynn Cookbook


Is it any surprise that I couldn’t leave without buying a copy?

I love these celebrity cookbooks. The best things about this particular one are the weird names of some of the dishes. Like You Ain’t Man Enough Casserole and Louisiana Woman Pie. I assume that those are based on the titles of her songs. But there’s also a recipe for Wiggle, which I have a hard time believing that she ever sang.

For a Memorial Day cookout with Manny and the boys, I chose to make Loretta Lynn’s Howdy Spread. Because I can’t resist a name like that!

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Maple Syrup

So we already know that Agent Cooper loves cremated bacon and eggs over hard. But how does he like his flapjacks?

Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham!

OK, can we agree that Agent Cooper is just one of the best TV characters of all-time? God bless David Lynch for writing him.

Funny thing–as I was thinking about Coop and the maple syrup I was reminded of a very funny scene from Orange is the New Black‘s second season. In episode 11, aptly titled “Hunger Strike,” a handful of prisoners decide to go on strike in protest of the prison’s conditions and treatment of the inmates. But before their demands can be published in the Big House Bugle (the prison’s newspaper), they have to agree on them. One of their demands: better maple syrup in the cafeteria. There’s one problem–Leanne and Angie (the meth heads) can’t decide between the real thing and artificial. I wish I could find a clip of it, because it is just so absurd.


Yeah, they broke their hunger strike when pizza showed up. Who wouldn’t?

So I ask you, kittens–where do you fall in this epic battle? Real maple syrup or Mrs. Butterworth and friends?

I can tell you which kind Mad Men‘s Stan Rizzo prefers.

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Liberace & Elvis


This is too much for me to handle. Good thing it’s a Friday.

Originally posted on Retrorambling:

Liberace, piano virtuoso who became known as Mr. Showmanship with Elvis Presley at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas (AP Photo) – November 1, 1956


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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Jerry’s Baguette with Brie & Butter

You know, I never intended for these Twin Peaks posts to be food-themed, but it makes sense since this is a food blog, and Twin Peaks is such a food-centric show.

Proof: this scene where for about 2 minutes Ben & Jerry Horne (yes, like the ice cream guys) wax poetic and chow down on some sandwiches that Jerry brought back from France.

Now, how exactly one would get cheese sandwiches through customs is beyond me; but let’s face it, Twin Peaks isn’t the most logical of fictional towns, now is it?

DSCN0520[1]There are 3 ingredients:
1. Baguette
2. Brie
3. Butter

Slice open Baguette. Spread with softened butter. Top with sliced Brie.

You can eat it as is, but I microwaved it a bit to get the cheese a little squishy.

Here is the sandwich–wrapped in wax paper, just like Jerry’s.



Since there are only 3 ingredients, the quality of said ingredients is important. But, since I was shopping at my Safeway, the quality wasn’t the best. But who cares? Cheese, bread and butter? Even the cheap stuff is delicious.

Seriously delicious. I think that if I was eating the really good French stuff, I’d be housing that baguette just like Ben & Jerry.

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The Only 4th of July GIF You Will Ever Need

I think that even in context this would make little sense:


Liberace, Dean-O, and who the hell is that?

But who cares?

Stars and stripes, indeed!

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! Be careful with the booze and the firecrackers.



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Twin Peaks Tuesday: PIEATHALON Edition

I’m still celebrating the Pieathalon, so it’s a good thing that Twin Peaks is so pie-heavy. Be sure to watch the great video at the end.

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First Annual PIEATHALON: Seafoam Cantaloupe Pie

PieathalongWelcome to the Pieathalon!

In the heavily debated war of Cake vs. Pie, I am definitely on Team Pie. Pies are so versatile. They can be fruity, creamy, sweet or savory–and if I’m not mistaken, isn’t pizza technically a pie? And quiche, too!

Plus, I have that whole Bisquick Impossible Pie thing going on.

And they don’t say as “American as chocolate cake,” now do they?

Pie also has this going for it:

But now onto my pie assignment: Seafoam Cantaloupe Pie. Like the Happiness Pie, this has got some interesting stuff floating in it (just not a guy in a bath towel and some gun-happy, latex-clad police officers).

seafoam cantaloupe pic

seafoam cantaloupe recipe

From Better Homes & Gardens Pies and Cakes (1970)

Look, kids! There are melon balls! I love any chance to bust out my melon baller. And there’s gelatin. The secret ingredient is always gelatin.

Let’s get this started!

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Twin Peaks Tuesdays: Coop’s Breakfast

In one of the series’ best moments, hell, one of tv’s best moments, Agent Cooper, in the dining room of the Great Northern Hotel, sips a damn fine cup of coffee and orders a very specific breakfast.coopertumblr

Now, I’d like two eggs, over hard. I know, don’t tell me; it’s hard on the arteries, but old habits die hard — just about as hard as I want those eggs. Bacon, super-crispy. Almost burned. Cremated. That’s great. And, I’ll have the grapefruit juice, just as long as those grapefruits…… are freshly squeezed.

For this week’s Twin Peaks Tuesday, I was going to prepare Cooper’s breakfast order because I do have bacon and eggs in my fridge. But then I realized that I didn’t know how to make an egg “over hard.”


This is an egg over hard

I have since found out (directions here). But honestly, I prefer my eggs, as we say in Pittsburgh, DIPPY. Weird fact: I’ve seen them called dippy eggs on menus here in Baltimore. What’s up with that?

And I didn’t want to cremate any bacon. I like mine with the edges crispy but still a little chewy.

And I can’t have grapefruit because it interacts with one of my medications. Another fun fact: apparently grapefruits, and other fruits from the same family, fuck with a lot of meds. I don’t know exactly what it would do, or why it does it, but I don’t want to find out.

So I scrapped the breakfast idea. Plus, I was in Chicago a good portion of last week and when I got back I really wasn’t in the mood to cook anything. So just enjoy the scene. Great delivery by Kyle MacLachlan.


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Twin Peaks Tuesday: In the Red Room

Let’s learn how to talk like you’re in the Red Room with our friend the Man from Another Place!

I’ve learned it too:

!kcor s’teL…elihwnaeM

.lla ta gnol ton, oS .(yadseuT txen a.k.a.) seert eromacys eht–seert eht ni ouy ees lliw I

.golb eht morf ffo emit elttil a gnikat ma I


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