Beverage Bonus: Tom Collins (Vodka Collins)

So for the last snow day that I had, I had already exhausted all of the rum (actually, I take that back–I still have some dark rum in the cabinet above my fridge. Speaking of which, is that where everyone keeps their booze? Or was that just my parents–and now me?)

But I digress. The last snow day I decided to kick the bottle of Smirnoff that was sitting the the back of my liquor cabinet. I had club soda, a lemon, an orange and Maraschino cherries on hand so I decided to go with a Tom Collins.

Tom Collins Recipe

Is that a green onion as a garnish for the cocktail?

Here's How! by Stouffer'sOK, technically a Vodka Collins because the original calls for gin. Here is another recipe for a Tom Collins, this one from the Here’s How! by Stouffer’s cocktail book that once belonged to my Pap Pap.

I love this recipe because of its specificity:

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Happy National Cereal Day!

My favorite “kids’ cereal” was Lucky Charms. I mean, duh, they’re magically delicious! But I believe that Lucky Charms were so much better when it was just pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, blue diamonds and purple horseshoes (horseshoes were introduced in 1983, so that was the Lucky Charms of my childhood).

They totally jumped the shark with those red balloons (maybe someone at General Mills was a big Nena fan?); it was all downhill from there. Hourglasses? Rainbows? WTF?

Did I hear that right? Does the leprechaun say “totally tubular?” To that I say, “radical!”

I might have to pick up a box this weekend. Even though the blue diamonds no longer exist. Those were my favorites.

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Beverage Bonus: Dark and Fizzy

Let’s go back a couple weeks ago to the first snow day, which from henceforth will be known as Rum Day–so not this Monday when I was home again from work (this week was vodka).

After making the Bacardi Cocktail and the Mary Pickford, we’re at the point of the snow day where I just started throwing things together and hoping they’d work.

I had run out of Bacardi. I had drained most of the juice from the pineapple. So I was left with dark rum, club soda, crushed pineapple, and a half a bottle of Grenadine.

So I made a hybrid drink. Kinda like a cross between a Pineapple Fizz and a Dark and Stormy. I called it a Dark and Fizzy. OBVIOUSLY.

I put in a cocktail shaker 2 shots dark rum, 2 shots of whatever pineapple juice was left (which meant a lot of crushed pineapple as well) and a splash of Grenadine. I strained it into a tall glass (this is actually a Steelers pilsner with the logo facing to the back) filled with ice cubes and then topped it off with club soda.

Dark and FizzyThis was–okay. It was better than the Bacardi Cocktail but nowhere near as good as the Mary Pickford. It was what you’d expect when throwing the kitchen sink into a cocktail shaker.  But at that point I was 3 drinks in, so what did I care?

Next week I’ll get to this week’s snow day cocktail. I made a Tom Collins. And it was delicious.

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Happy Anniversary, Dinner is Served!

Brian booze

Happy Birthday, Brian!

Last week I hit my 3-year anniversary with both the blog and Brian! Can you believe it? I can’t. I seriously can’t. I don’t know the last time I committed to something this long that wasn’t a loveless, soul-sucking relationship completely lacking intimacy, honesty and anything remotely resembling a fit physique (that includes me. I never thought about a gym, let alone join one).

Ah, good times!

Anyway, three frickin’ years! Color me shocked.

To commemorate 3 years, I did almost precisely what I did for my two-year anniversary—hang out with Todd and Leah and bake a cake.

I looked back at some posts and realized that it probably seems like all I do is hang out at thir place. That’s totally not true.  Although this is their welcome sign at their apartment:

The likeness is uncanny, amiright?

The only thing we’re missing is Marty the dog.

On Sunday they threw an Oscar Party. Complete with champagne and an Oscar Meyer Wiener Hot Dog Bar complete with Skyline chili and cheese.

hot dog bar

It’s been a while since a hot dog was on the blog

It was perfect. Totally hit the spot.

And I brought dessert. I went with a ‘golden’ theme for the evening and selected recipes from Better Homes & Gardens Pies and Cakes. This was my goal, the Yellow Cake Deluxe:

Yellow Cake Deluxe



No one should doubt my cake baking mastery!

Yellow Cake Deluxe Recipe

Lemon filling. Yum.


Carried on the theme with my frosting selection

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Food Blogger Cookbook Swap

So this month I participated in the Food Blogger Cookbook Swap, hosted by Alyssa of and Faith of .

The format is much like when I’ve done Foodie Pen Pals. But instead of filling a box with foodstuffs, I sent a cookbook to a food blogger and received one  in return.


I received from (the very educational and very fun), a copy of At Home in the Kitchen by Jorj Morgan.

So the first thing I did was read the back cover. And let me say that I never imagined cooking from, let alone owning, a cookbook authored by a woman who writes for sites like, and That’s not a dig—it’s just a fact that my lifestyle is so dissimilar from that. I don’t know the first thing about mommying.

HOWEVER, the back of the cover read as such:

At Home in the Kitchen represents a fresh, new approach to cooking…the book is filled with recipes and tips designed to help busy working women (particularly executives, who have little time available for planning and executing complicated, exotic dishes) prepare exciting, excellent meals every day.

OK, that sounds like that could be in my wheelhouse–as a busy, working woman. Also, I love the bizarre alliteration with all that ‘ex.’ I do wish that my life were more exotic, exciting, excellent, and executive!

Anyway, I was expecting this sizable (almost 400 page) cookbook to provide some great, quick, throw-together-easily dinners. But after perusing the book it seemed like so many recipes ended with phrases as such:

Preparation time about 45 minutes

Preparation time one hour

Preparation time 25 minutes plus baking

Well, this doesn’t jive for me–as a busy, working woman, who goes to the gym after work when she is not out socializing and being all-around fabulous at happy hours. I am an international party girl, after all.

I need some quick shit.

I selected the recipe for Pan Chicken with White Wine “Gravy” because it said that the preparation time was “about 30 minutes.” The preface for the recipe reads:

Chicken any way you prepare it is an excellent mid-week meal. This dish holds well when you are trying to balance several different schedules. Serve it with lightly buttered egg noodles or yellow rice and a tossed veggie salad.

Plus, the recipe includes two of the best things to ever happen to Planet Earth: White wine and Old Bay.

It makes everything better

It makes everything better

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Let’s see exactly how long this dish took to prepare, shall we? At the beginning of my 30 minutes I started with nothing but an empty sink and a glass of Pinot Grigio…

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Beverage Bonus: The Mary Pickford

It’s snowing again here. But only a few inches. Not enough for cancellation. Or delay (I really could have gone for a delay–I stayed up too late watching season 1 of Hannibal in anticipation of its return on Friday night. Dude, this show is SO good).

But if you are somewhere today where it is indeed falling down hard enough for a snow day, let me present to you yet another rum libation I made the last time I was trapped in my apartment due to inclement weather.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Mary Pickford:

Mary Pickford

I love the word GROG

This here is the real Mary Pickford:


With a kitten.
Brian would never do this.
Not that my feeble shoulders would be able to carry all 20+ pounds of him.

I don’t know much about her except that she was in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I have never seen the film but I believe that there was a post of the film in my early 1980s childhood bedroom–hung above one of those clown lamps that everyone had back in the day. You know the one:

That lamp is so cool. I wish I still had one. My parents will have to confirm or deny the existence of the poster.

If you want to learn more about Miss Pickford you can click on her picture above.

But, let’s get back to the booze!

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Beverage Bonus: Bacardi Cocktail

So two weeks ago when the East Coast was hit (yet again) with a bit of a snow storm and (yet again) I had a day where I was trapped at home. I spent my day doing what I’m sure a lot of other people in Baltimore did—I donned my velour, leopard-print caftan, binge-watched The Good Wife, and made rum cocktails.

OK, I may have been the only one doing exactly that. But I’m sure that there was a lot of boozing going on.

There was a lot of rum in the cupboard from all of the rum-based recipes I made as of late (mainly, my Hawaiian Coffee Jelly Parfaits. By the way, even though I was not victorious, thanks to everyone who voted for me!). So I brought out The 2 in 1 International Recipe Card Collection (1977) and perused the Rum section. And this is the drink that I chose:

Bacardi Cocktail

I picked it because I had all of the ingredients on hand. And there were only 3 of them. Can’t get much easier than that. If there was champagne in the fridge, I totally would have gone the Bacardi-Champagne Cocktail route.

Here is the result…

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Chicken Cooked In Wine


Did anyone know that IKEA published their own cookbook back in 1979?
I don’t know why this surprises me so much…

Originally posted on RecipeReminiscing:

A recipe from” IKEA’s kokebok” (IKEA’s cook book) published in 1979
wine poached chicken_post

IKEA can more than push furniture and stuff, they can publish cook books too.


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38. Baked Stuffed Pork Chops

Another full meal from Dinner is Served!

38. Baked Stuffed Pork ChopsBaked Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

I made this in January on some Sunday night when Todd and Leah came over. I cannot remember whether it was cold or not when I made it, but I think that pork chops call for cold weather. Or at least sweater weather. Which is why I find the peaches a little out of season, but whatever. I also find this dinner odd for the random cup of coffee. With the tomato juice and the coffee it seems like this is a little brunch-ish, right? But who in the hell would serve pork chops for brunch? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Well, now that I think about it, it’s not that far off from having steak and eggs…

But anyhoo! If you’re gonna give me tomato juice I’m gonna make a Bloody Mary. I bought the mix and the celery and my guests brought the vodka. A little Worcestershire, a little fresh lemon, some hot sauce–that makes a damn fine Bloody Mary! (If you want a good recipe check out Jackie-O’s Clamato Cocktail). But you know what makes a Bloody Mary reaaaalllllly good?

Muthafuckin OLD BAY.

It makes everything better

It makes everything better

Yes, again I am going to sing the praises of the world’s greatest spice blend. It does make everything better. You’re probably sick of me talking about it. But I do love the stuff. Really, where is my Old Bay sponsorship? My tin is almost empty. I think I need a new one. McCormick should give me a free container. Anyone know how I can get them to give me free shit?

But I guess that is neither here nor there. What is here is a pork chop:

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A Song for Everyone on the East Coast

Don’t let the weather get you down!

I love Cannibal the Musical! I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s available online. Perfect for today!

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