Happy Labor Day 2015!

This is an updated version of a post that appeared in August, 2012. There are more delicious dishes than last time!

Hi, darlings! I want to give you some ideas for your Labor Day cookouts, picnics, clam bakes, or whatever it is that you do to celebrate the labor of the, um, we remember the people who? OK, what the hell are we celebrating for Labor Day? Unions? Yeah, it’s unions. It’s gotta be. Right?

Whatever. It’s an excuse to get out of town, drink, eat and enjoy a long weekend. And for your holiday weekend, here are some dishes that would be welcome at any shindig….

Barbecued Chuck Roast! Look how deliciously charred that piece of beef is! And it’s paired with a corn relish. And that’s a macaroni bake. Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese?

Yum. This was delicious!

Also, your guests will marvel at the 8th Wonder of the World: Frosty Melon:

This potato salad is the best potato salad I’ve ever had and would be perfect to bring to a pot-luck.

Or this lovely linguine salad!


Another option is to bust out the slow cooker and do a Yinzer take on BBQ Pulled Pork with my Pittsburgh Chipped Ham Barbecue Sammiches with Church Lady Slaw.

These sammiches really are delicious, you guys. And cheap! I want one right now.

Do you have to bring dessert to a barbecue? How about the classic Watergate Salad?


Ruth is a boss and knows what she’s talking about when it comes to molding things.

Speaking of molds, Perfection Salad could be just that–perfect.

Vegetable Jello

So there ya go. Those are just a few ideas. So don’t say I never did anything for you.

Happy Labor Day! I’ll be back next week!

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One Kidney, Two Ways: for the Love of Hannigram

Well, here we are.

I am so excited for the last episode of Hannibal to see how they end the Red Dragon story, but so utterly bummed because it’s most likely that this is the last we see of this fan-fucking-tastic show.

Oh, Hannigram, how much I will miss thee! However, I am riddled with guilt for shipping you.

where you are find youwhere I am


This was such a dick move! Will Graham gave an epic break-up (for lack of a better term) speech and then Hannibal essentially turned himself into the FBI just to mindfuck Will. Some other Fannibals thought this was flat-out romantic. But dude, Hannigram, you’re the most disturbing, manipulative, passive aggressive, psychologically abusive relationship captured on film since, well, that 50 Shades of Grey bullshit.

This sequence, however, I found quite romantic. In its own fucked up way.



Hannibal: If I saw you every day, forever Will, I would remember this time.

Will: Strange seeing you here in front of me. I’ve been staring at after-images of you in places you haven’t been in years.

Hannibal: To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Will: I wanted to understand you, before I laid eyes on you again. I needed it to be clear, what I was seeing.

Hannibal: Where does the difference between the past and the future come from?

Will: Mine? Before you and after you. Yours. It’s all starting to blur.

If I saw you every day, forever, I would remember this time.

OMG. I would just die if someone said that to me.

Of course, with Hannibal and Will, someone may very well die–later in that conversation Will says, We’re conjoined. I’m curious whether either of us can survive separation. 

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! So many feelings!

Well, I decided to work out my feelings in the kitchen, just as a certain serial killer would.


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Liberace at Thriller Villa Exhibit Opening Cocktail


OMG. If only I could somehow make it to Las Vegas…

Originally posted on The Liberace:

Owner of Thriller Villa opens doors to limited number of Liberace Foundation supporters to experience massive Liberace exhibition.

  • Meet the Cast and Crew, members of the Board of Directors and member of the Advisory Board of the Liberace Foundation, as well as the designers of the Thriller Villa and this massive exhibition
  • Cocktail and hors d’oeuvres
  • Silent auction of rare and limited edition collectors items and much more
  • Live entertainment
  • Exciting announcements
  • Cocktail Attire
  • RSVP for tickets

Liberace at Thriller Villa Opening  Cocktail

View original

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Is Your Date Behind This Door?


In a word: no.

I owe you all a dating post. So away we go!

(all gifs from RealityTVGIFS.com one of my most fave blogs)

kittenOn a fine summer evening I went out on a lovely wine bar date with a guy who lived out in the county. He was nice, polite, all those things. But there was one odd thing about him. In addition to his actual job, he bred Bengal kittens. In his basement. The basement of his house. Cages of cats. The males in one and the females in the other and then he gets them to mate and have babies and then sells them for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.



I just imagine that his house would have to smell like cat pee.  OK, and you agree with me that the cat breeding is weird, right?


Today’s public service announcement

That’s not the worst of it.  I had brunch with dude who was obsessed with Adam Levine.

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Playboy Champagne Sherbet Punch

The birthday party rolls on!

I made a punch for my birthday. Because of course I did.


champagne sherbetpunch recipeThis recipe is from the Playboy Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 edition).

Angostura bitters? Check.

But the Safeway didn’t have lemon sherbet. Because of course they don’t.

I bought pineapple. I don’t know how much of a difference it made, but my other option was lime, and lime, I think, would have be a bit strong. And wow would the punch have been green. So I bought a half gallon of pineapple sherbet instead.

Anyhoo, I went to my local liquor store and bought a ton of sparkling wine. J. Roget, I believe.


It was, like, $6 a pop. It’s punch, people! Don’t judge. I think I purchased 10 bottles of it. How many fit in a wine box? 12?

Anyway, I wasn’t sure if folks would be down with the punch (because not everyone loves punch) but oh! They were! My friend Kristen, half way through the party, had to go down to the liquor store because we ran out of bubbly. She grabbed whatever bottles of J. Roget that were left. The guy at the shop said to her, “it’s so weird, someone came in yesterday and bought almost all of those.” HA!

How was the punch? Seriously yummy. And I’d totally make it again.

And now, after this and the Super Summer Sangria Punch and the Mad Men Canadian Club Punch, I know that my friends are totally punchy.

Well, I don’t have a picture of the punch. I think I was too busy drinking it. So I’ll just give you a sweet photo from the Playboy book. They’re kinda like punch glasses.


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Velveeta South of the Border Dip

Hello, darlings. I threw myself a big birthday party!

And I made a ton of dishes from my cookbook collection for the occasion. It was a hefty spread and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.

But I guess I wasn’t looking forward to it that much because I’m an Aquarius. That means that my birthday is in January. I threw a big birthday/housewarming party for myself at the end of January and I haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now. In July.

But better late than never, eh?

I’m going to close out the month with my birthday party dishes and then I gotta get cooking again. Seriously, I’m almost out of things to write about. I may have to do another readers’ choice poll.

Without further ado, Velveeta South of the Border Dip!

Fresh Ideas

This little pamphlet was given to me by my mum’s best friend from high school. At first I thought, ooooh asparagus with cheese. But then the more I look at it, the more it looks like some sort of alien hand. Or Swamp Thing’s hand! Man, I haven’t thought about that movie in ages. It played all the time on HBO when I was a kid. I liked Swamp Thingswampthing

However, the thing that I remember most is that every time it was on, my parents would refer to Adrienne Barbeau as “Tits Barbeau.”

OK, back to the dip…

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82. Chicken Breasts (With Prosciutto and Mushrooms)

So, you know that weekend that Todd and Leah came in for a wedding and I made them the Broiled Filet of Sole brunch on Saturday morning? Well, this is how insane I am: while they were at that wedding on Saturday night I was cooking at the house because on Sunday night I hosted a birthday dinner for my friend Kevin!

Two DiS! in one weekend? I did it!

82 chicken
chickenbreastsSaturday night I made the broccoli salad. I used THIS recipe from Food&Wine (Not a huge fan of broccoli, but I was down with this salad. Delicious).

On Saturday night, I also consulted Card #92 for the Gnocchi alla Romana recipe:

gnocchi alla romana

I don’t know what that is. But it is not Gnocchi. Gnocchi is potato-based, right? But look! It’s Cream….of WHEAT!

Watch the video. I implore you to watch the video. It is one of my most favorite things in the world.

This Gnocci alla Romana, however, was not one of my most favorite things in the world…

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Summer Sangria! (and a very special announcement)

It’s my 400th post!!!!partybrandiWell, who the hell ever thought I’d get this far? Not me! For my 400th post, I wanted it to be a very special post.

And it IS a very special post!

But first, let’s get a little recipe out of the way. This is my Super Summer Sangria. Which I also turned into a Super Summer Sangria Punch for my Pork Pie Potluck (because we all know how much I love a good punch).

white sangriaSuper Summer Sangria Punch

  • Cheap Jug White Wine
  • 2 sliced lemons
  • 2 sliced oranges
  • Juice from 2 oranges
  • 2 liter bottle of diet Ginger Ale
  • Brandy
  • Sliced mango (if you’re feeling frisky)

Put orange slices, lemons slices, and the orange juice in the bottom of a punch bowl. Add whatever is left in the bottle of brandy you have in the back of your liquor cabinet and muddle it just a wee bit. Fill the rest of the bowl half way with diet ginger ale and the other half with the cheapy jug wine. And then maybe add some ice rings you made with slices of lemon, orange, and mango. Throw in the remainder of the mango into the bowl. 

Summer Sangria Punch

summersangriaAs the night progresses, and your alcoholic party goers imbibe, refill the punch bowl as needed with whatever you have left. That could be more fruit! More ice rings! Something sparkling! Rose? A bit of Random Lillet! Sherry? WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! Shit, throw in some grapes. Got lime? Pineapple juice? Fuck yeah!

But the easiest, simplest version is with things that you probably have on hand most evenings (or at least I do): white wine, diet ginger ale, bottled orange juice, and lemon slices. Perfect to throw together for unexpected guests (or just one, big lush).

OK, so let’s now get to the most important part of this post!

I’ve been lax on the posting because I got a promotion at work (adjustment phase). And because I went away for the 4th of July (see last post).  But mostly because of this: I adopted another cat.

Click through and let me introduce you to the newest resident of DiS! headquarters….

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In Case You’re Going to the Beach This Weekend…


Be sure to stock up on Shark Repellent Bat-Spray!

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Gin is It! (3 Gin Cocktails)

blog list

See, I have not forgotten! Here is a preview. Some of these I’ve already crossed off.

My darlings! I have been neglecting my blog. There are many reasons why, which are too many to go through right now, but please know that although I haven’t written as of late, I have many delightful dishes to share with you in the future (see photo, right).

But first, cocktails!

Due to parties and company, (and the fact that I am an absolute lush) my reserves have been reduced to bitters, vermouth, sherry, Lillet, gin, lemons, oranges, and one can of Blue Moon.

So, I’ve been making cocktails with gin.

Lots of cocktails with gin.

I present to you the Bees’ Knees, Gin Old Fashioned, and Bronx …

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