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GIF of the Week!

No, scratch that. This is a GIF for the AGES!   A cat emerging from a pepperoni pizza hatch? I can watch this for hours. Also, the cat looks almost exactly like Brian. For realsies.   Everyone, enjoy your holiday … Continue reading

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GIF of the Day: On Sandwiches…

  There is a difference between turned on and excited, Carrie. But the McRib, it does indeed excite me. Dear, sweet baby Jesus, please let the McRib make a triumphant return to the Mid-Atlantic this fall. NO ONE BOUGHT THE … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie Epilogue

Yesterday, after posting the entry in which I lamented the fact that my pie was a big ol’ fail, I received an email from Owen: If it’s any consolation, Nacho loved the pie… Just who, pray tell, is Nacho? Yup. … Continue reading

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Yinzerella Comes Alive!

Or whatnot. Long story short, I was sick of seeing other people pop up with my oh-so-fantastic name. So yes, random person, you can have the blogspot. And yes, random WTAE anchor, you can call yourself a Yinzerella on your … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: Maple Syrup

So we already know that Agent Cooper loves cremated bacon and eggs over hard. But how does he like his flapjacks? Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham! OK, can we agree that Agent Cooper is … Continue reading

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Liberace & Elvis

Originally posted on Retrorambling:
Liberace, piano virtuoso who became known as Mr. Showmanship with Elvis Presley at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas (AP Photo) – November 1, 1956 Text and images from Flasbak Related articles Presley Enter The Silver…

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The Only 4th of July GIF You Will Ever Need

I think that even in context this would make little sense: But who cares? Stars and stripes, indeed! Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! Be careful with the booze and the firecrackers.    

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: PIEATHALON Edition

I’m still celebrating the Pieathalon, so it’s a good thing that Twin Peaks is so pie-heavy. Be sure to watch the great video at the end.

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Twin Peaks Tuesdays: Coop’s Breakfast

In one of the series’ best moments, hell, one of tv’s best moments, Agent Cooper, in the dining room of the Great Northern Hotel, sips a damn fine cup of coffee and orders a very specific breakfast. Now, I’d like … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tuesday: In the Red Room

Let’s learn how to talk like you’re in the Red Room with our friend the Man from Another Place! I’ve learned it too: !kcor s’teL…elihwnaeM .lla ta gnol ton, oS .(yadseuT txen a.k.a.) seert eromacys eht–seert eht ni ouy ees … Continue reading

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