139. Tostada Dinner

Obligatory Cinco de Mayo post!!!

Does this even qualify as a tostada? How can this be considered a tostada?

A tostada is like a flat taco. Not Fritos with ground beef slathered on it. With this dish, the beef doesn’t even go on top of them. The chips are around them.

Speaking of the beef, the first 5 ingredients could definitely go meatloaf, but there is the addition of a small amount of chili powder. But chili powder does not a tostada make.

Lettuce, tomatoes, OK. But black olives? Black olives aren’t typically used in real Mexican food, are they? Maybe the sour cream could be a sub for Queso Crema, but I don’t know enough about Mexican cheeses to say that any are remotely like cheddar.

Avocados were tossed around left and right in the 70s, right? This isn’t even an attempt to be guacamole, it’s sliced like in a Cobb Salad.

This is not a tostada. This is a taco-ish salad. Which is something that I will never turn down. Funny how my last post was a taco dip. I guess I’m really feeling the faux Mexican now that spring has fully sprung.

Actually, here in Baltimore it’s just flat-out summer. 90 degree weather in in early May? Get the fuck out.

For the other elements of this dinner, I used vanilla pudding with raspberry jam and ginger snaps in lieu of sugar cookies. I mean, ginger snaps are far superior to the sugar cookie. I also axed the crusty rolls–there are already chips on the plate. Carbo load much, DiS1973?

Tomorrow have a very Happy Day of Mexican Cultural Appropriation Totally Manufactured by Corona Distributors!

I’m gonna go bust out the SkinnyGirl margaritas.

I can’t stop watching this. Sonja is the gift that keeps on giving

Remember kids, don’t fiesta and drive.




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