Joan Crawford Cookbook Giveaway!!!

Hello, kittens!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Joan Crawford dishes I’ve been rolling out in honor of the new series FEUD: Bette & Joan.

But I know someone who is the definitive expert on what Joan liked to do in the kitchen. She actually wrote the book on it!

This is Cooking With Joan Crawford, compiled by Silver Screen Suppers blogging superstar, Jenny Hammerton.

It’s a rather lovely coffee table type book, that contains over 30 of Joan’s very own recipes. Illustrated with postcards of Joan from Jenny’s collection.

Here is a trailer for the book:

The book is available from or – £25 in the UK, $35 in the US.

But we want to give you a chance to win a copy for free! 

All you have to do is just leave either one of us a comment, telling us who – in your humble opinion – is best…

Joan or Bette!?!?!  

State your case in the comments section below and you’ll be entered!

Contest is open until April 6th. You can also enter a second time by visiting Jenny’s page, HERE. (so you get 2 chances to win).

The winner will be chosen by random lotto; but two lucky folks will win an e-copy if they make the funniest comment–judged by Jenny and me.

But if you can’t wait to see if you have won, skip over to Blurb and grab a copy of the book. The print version takes about 10 days to get delivered, but if you want it STAT, there’s an e-book version too… Just click on the Related Editions button bottom right as per pic below…

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 07.43.00

Here are the links again: or

Please send Jenny pictures of any Joan dishes you cook. She absolutely adores it when others cook Crawford-style!

Do get in touch via her contact page… and you can always reach me at We both love love love hearing from our readers!

Good luck and good eating!


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41 Responses to Joan Crawford Cookbook Giveaway!!!

  1. Dean Beringer says:

    Joan of course! She had so many talents beside acting.She was intregal in the creation of It’s a Small World ride at Disney among other little known facts.

  2. teresa says:

    Oh, gee! I wish I were funny. Bette was definitely more devious and self-centered in her roles, but Joan was unbelievable in the Twilight Zone episode where she too someone’s eyeballs to restore her own vision! Plus, she swam a mile everyday and rarely wore a bra! I always had the feeling Joan was just wee bit badder in real life, so my vote is for Joan

  3. Tracey says:

    Bette had amazing resting bitch face long before it became an internet meme and her shade skills were better than Ray-Ban. So I’ll go with Bette!

  4. Barbara Bassett says:

    Joan, hands down. She was legendary for adoring her fans…Bette…no. Joan could sell a product better than anyone (Pepsi), and had the greatest board meeting line ever. ..”Don’t f#@$ with me, fellas!”

  5. Monski says:

    I am going to have to buck the trend here & say Bette.
    Both unique & powerful women, sacred monsters, mighty egos, forces of nature.

    I deeply enjoy the huge contribution that Joan has made to camp with her joyously untrammeled BIG acting style, agrressive eyebrows swooping across her brow like the spread wings of a vulture coming in to rend raw meat; matchy matchy mummy daughter outfits, kitschy decor, snotty pretentiousness, keane painting collection, sugary sentimentality & brutal will, amazing book “My Way of Life” & so much more.

    Bette for me though – a unique & stunning beauty with greater personal integrity, self knowledge & humour (relative to la Crawford at any rate).
    The greater artist & the better person.

    • yinzerella says:

      I need to read the auto-biographies of both these broads.

      • Monski says:

        If you have not read it “My Way of Life” is the pinnacle of kitsch – Joan’s self penned lifestyle book. How to decorate, entertain, pack (with the assistance of Mamacita), your trunks for a Royal Crown Cola promotional trip etc… etc…
        It is a complete & total hoot!

  6. Duke Egbert says:

    Joan. Joan was a right-wing shill for Pepsi-Cola and everyone knows Hollywood is supposed to be a hotbed of pinko liberalism — therefore, she had the guts to buck the system. Also, when she was dying, her maid started praying, and Joan’s response was to tell her “Damn it ….Don’t you dare ask God to help me.”

    Thus, Joan was the most bad-ass star until Chuck Norris.

  7. M. G. says:

    Bette. Seriously it’s due to her performance in All About Eve. Great Movie.

  8. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Why do they have mustaches on their foreheads?

  9. Karen says:

    Better actress: Better
    Better STAR: Joan

  10. Karen says:

    *oops. BETTE not Better, although maybe that means I subconsciously think Bette is just better? Perhaps I should change my answer!

  11. Scotia says:

    I’m learning more about Bette as I watch Feud, and I’m liking some of what I’m seeing, but I’ve always been a Joan admirer. Back in the 80s when I read “My Way of Life” I learned about peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. I mean, seriously? I haven’t been brave enough to try that crazy combo yet, but I recall her saying they were “something hearty” she’d make for the men when Al would have meetings.

    Also, just as an aside, that, “Dammit, don’t you dare ask God to help me…” line was an embellishment from her psycho daughter. Her reply, I read, was actually much milder. “Oh, don’t do that…”

    Interesting stuff. 🙂

  12. Lisa says:

    Joan– I’m a super Crawford fan, so I’m biased, but I think the whole “Bette Davis as an indisputably great actress” line is a fiction. Watching her histrionics onscreen is always ENTERTAINING…but as far as great acting, when a performer always makes such a SHOW of how they’re REALLY ACTING, I don’t consider that necessarily great acting! Joan wasn’t a particularly skilled actress, but her presence makes such an impact and you want so badly for things to go well for her in her 30s movies that I consider the bigger star and better player. Plus her devotion to the “job” of being a movie star. I need to get a copy of this cookbook whether or not I win, it sounds GREAT!

  13. Lora says:

    JOAN of course. She was Truely a great actress and her movies will forever be remembered. Would love to have this cookbook!

  14. Makynzie White says:

    Joan, for sure!

  15. Tony Oriente says:

    Definitely Joan. Bette’s performances were sublime and her off s rene persona was amazing (such as singing Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on television). Joan’s performances were riveting. Of course Joan’s p.r. was awesome…. every should tAke in the youtube video…. A Shopping Trip With Joan Crawford…. Joan is dressed to the nines and even wearing gloves while shopping those were the days.

  16. Robert Smith says:

    Miss.Crawford all the way! A true star who is still on top in the industry!

  17. Krystal says:

    Joan Crawford forever!!!!

  18. Shawn Cullen says:

    Oh god, it’s such a toss up! I love them both and have seen almost all of their films. Bette could tear up the screen but Joan! Oh lord, Joan was a goddess! She. Lows away the competition and the sheer force of her will to be a STAR is something to marvel at!

  19. Erika says:

    Definitely Joan Crawford!

  20. Mike buchman says:

    Joan! She was a real star with all the trappings.

  21. Tracy Beard says:

    Joan. She was an awesome actress. I love watching her movies!

  22. Courtney says:

    Bette! But it’s really hard to choose.

  23. liv says:

    yeah. bette wins.
    fun fact: I watched mommy dearest when I was a bit too young and joan scares the hell out of me. borax and wire hangers are not allowed in my home because i’m afraid she’ll somehow find out and come after me. I feel similarly about faye dunaway.

  24. Sheri Brumfield says:

    I really do go back and forth between the two… but I’ll have to go with with Joan.

  25. Michelle says:

    Joan, always and forever.

  26. Morgan says:

    I tried (and failed) to post earlier…I’m torn. I love, love, love Bette–not just as an actress but because she’s so (snarky) funny. I remember her when I was little and she was old, on talk shows, and I just thought, “Wow! I want to hang out with her!” I wasn’t really familiar with Joan–except as Mommie Dearest showed me. In the last few years I’ve read more about her and seen some of her movies–AND read the amazing “My Way Of Life”, which along with being (maybe not on purpose) completely funny, is actually informative!

    As I grow older, I admire Joan’s dedication to perfection. She came from less than nothing, and it seems like she never complained and spent all of her time trying to do the best she could at everything. While she lacks (but acknowledged) a sense of humor about herself, something I think we should all have, I still love that she had the attitude that she would show up, be prepared, and treat every appearance seriously–even if it’s Trog.

    If anyone hasn’t, you must see her appearance on the 2nd version of I Love Lucy–I think it’s “The Lucy Show”.

    And lastly, while All About Eve is one of my top 3 favorite movies, Joan slept with Clark Gable. So there’s that.

  27. Ren says:

    I love them both but Bette was a better actress, so I’m gonna answer ‘Bette’.

  28. JOHNNY IMGRUND says:

    Hands down, Bette. But I’d starve before I let her cook a damn thing for me. I’d be too ascairt.

  29. Kim says:

    Joan. When a director asked her to cry a tear from her eye, she asked “Which eye,” prepared to do so from whichever eye he requested.

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