Hannibal Lecter’s Beef Tongue w. Horseradish

Hello again!

It’s been a week since election day and what a shit week it’s been. I didn’t take the election too well (understatement), work is all shades of meh, and both Brian and Margot have fleas! So for the past couple of days I’ve been doing nothing but flea combing (gross), sprinkling diatomaceous earth on the carpets and furniture, and then vacuuming it all up. All mixed in with sobbing and existential dread.

So please excuse me that it took me so much longer to post this than I intended.

But on to bigger things! This is the last of the three recipe cards I purchased from the Hannibal prop auction back in April. (if you missed them the others are Pork Liver w. Bacon  and Italian Sweet Sausage).

For some goddamned reason it took me FOREVER to get my hands on a beef tongue. I basically called the meat department of every grocery store within a five mile radius of my house.

But I finally found one at Wegmans!



All four pounds of it!


If you watched the end of the video and now want your own copy of the most fabulous cookbook Feeding Hannibal by Janice Poon, buy your own copy through this site to support DiS1972!

Now, do you want to know what I did with the rest of the tongue….?

I made tongue tacos, of course!

dscn2434 dscn2435 dscn2438

The tongue, because it was so much like pulled pork, was the perfect taco filler.

A little lime, cilantro, avocado, and onion made this delectable!!! We also had some yummy Mexican-style roast veggies on the side.

This Hannibal dish was a success! I seriously want to continue making dishes from the TV show, so stay tuned!

P.S. The sauce on Hannibal’s tongue was merely horseradish and heavy cream!



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11 Responses to Hannibal Lecter’s Beef Tongue w. Horseradish

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Mad as a march hare. I love it. If I wasn’t three times your age and happily married, I probably would visit the US (assuming the Donald would let me in) and elope with you.
    Hope all is better than you say in this flea bitten post,

  2. Angie says:

    Lengua tacos! I has Lengua soapes once. Lengua sound so much better than tongue to me. Not as much of a fan as I thought I would be. It was diced in cubes not shreaded but I guess I was hoping for more texture like a giblet, it was close but not quite. I will stick with carna asada for now. But hell you put horse radish sauce on anything and how could you not take a whack at it. The only prob is you didn’t tell us what was in said sauce. Either way I hope the kitties liked it. And glad to see “not as good as Brian” is back. I can see something there with that one.

    • yinzerella says:

      Tongue is supposed to be cubed in the tacos, from what I’ve read. And if I had used the Tongue (Italian Style) it would have been. This one just fell apart into that pulled-pork-type manner.
      I changed the post to reflect what was in the sauce–merely horseradish and heavy cream!
      “Not As Good As Brian” isn’t back, per se. He just kinda never left and is around in a different capacity, if you will.

  3. baylor003 says:

    Tacos de lingua! Can’t do it myself, no matter how I tried…lol. the horseradish cream, though… I hope the fleas vacate soon (look into capstar-its a pill that kills the fleas on the cat. Used it with my boys when the were hosting a flea circus-it was spectacular.)

  4. TeddiJo says:

    I know what you mean about it being one hell of a week. Like living in a bad dream or sci fi movie. Four years – it will fly by, right?

    I have been told that tongue or lingua is supposed to be really good, but I just can’t put it in my mouth. Nothing stranger than bologna crosses the lips.

    First time on your site. Very nice. Why no pictures of Bri and Margot? Or did I just miss them?

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