79. Beef Medallions (Sauce Bearnaise)

What was special about 79?

It wasn’t the food–because I kinda shit the bed on the Sauce Bearnaise.

It’s that the photography was much improved!

medallions of beef card.jpgbernaise sauce beef recipe.jpg

No, not that photography–because that, dear friends, is pretty standard (although now I think that the blurry card photos are part of the blog’s charm).

It’s this photography:

kitchen party

Because there was a photographer friend of Claire’s in attendance that evening. And he took great pictures of Heather, Claire and me cooking. My kitchen looks so cute!

This is what I did for the hors d’oureves that were served with drinks before dinner…

hors d'oeuvres

I actually took this photo!

Those are Asparagus-Salmon Rolls (I mixed some horseradish in cream cheese and rolled), and mushroom caps (which I sauteed in butter to soften), stuffed with duck liver pate and topped with pecans. Believe me when I say that I tried to get the olives into the cherry tomatoes like in the card, but it wasn’t happening.  So that’s why they’re in a separate bowl.

So sue me.

olives tomatoes asparagus rolls

I took this one, too!

But overall, I don’t think I did too bad there. They look like the card!

I made fake “made from real potatoes” scalloped potatoes.

DSCN1788making potatoesDSCN1792 - Copymaking beef

I don’t have a picture of the Bechamel. Well, there is a reason why there isn’t a photo of the Bechamel.

Look at it:

bernaise dinner

That is so not Bechamel. Which is an utter shame because I was on a hot streak with the cream sauces!

Sadly, the final product was not great. My consolation is that, after going to 3 different grocery stores, I found canned artichoke bottoms.

Long story short: 79 was essentially destroyed Bechamel, boxed potatoes, and over-salted peas.

Yes, there is documented evidence of the over-salted peas:

claire salt claire salt 2

Nice job, Claire. Ha!

It was a really fun night spent with good friends. And that’s really all that matters.

Oh, and the dessert—the pears with Roquefort cream cheese and grapes–was delicious. And pretty!

pear cheese grape

looks just like the dessert on the card!


Only 1 card left:

And it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for.

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9 Responses to 79. Beef Medallions (Sauce Bearnaise)

  1. Firstly – fabulous pictures! Laughed out loud at the obvious realisation that too much salt had gone in. Was she keeping that from you?!

    Secondly – I hope to GOD that you aren’t closing the blog once that card is cooked. DON’T DO IT! You have fans who need you!

    Thirdly – I selfishly cannot wait to see how the Chicken-Aspic Vegetable Salad turns out. Get the photographer back to document it!

  2. Great pictures! I am not surprised in the LEAST that the last card has to do with gelatin(e). Either gelatin(e) or canned tuna!

  3. The Bechamel makes me think of my first attempt at Welsh Rarebit. It was gluey. We had to pry it out of the pan and scrape it onto the toast…. At least it makes for a fun story later!

  4. Heather says:

    The last one looks like a doozy. And I agree with everyone else–the show must go on.

  5. missrose10 says:

    I think you found your new dating pics. You look H O DOUBLE T HOTT!

  6. Eat The Blog says:

    Don’t leave us!
    My mind left me at stuffing olives in cherry tomatoes. I’d forgotten the small details of the early 70’s.
    Don’t leave us!

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