Happy 30th Birthday, Pretty in Pink!

How old does that make you feel?

Yeah, this month, thirty years ago, Pretty in Pink premiered.

Of all the John Hughes films, Pretty in Pink is my favorite. And not just because of James Spader’s portrayl of Steff:


That is the hotness right there.

It also has one of my favorite movie lines in history.


You probably are well aware that the movie originally ended with Andie dancing with Duckie “Heroes” by David Bowie. But the test audiences thought that was a no-go. So Blaine got the girl.

But let’s face it, Molly Ringwald shouldn’t have ended up with either of them. They are both kinda creepy and stalkery. I mean, Duckie drives (bikes) by her house and just sits out there. He’s obsessed with her. And then there was the whole library computer thing with Blane:pretty in pink computer

I don’t care how cute you are, Andrew McCarthy, cyberstalking (although not a thing in ’86) ain’t cool.

Plus, isn’t Duckie gay?

Totes gay.

Whatever, I love the movie and the ending, as silly as it is, always gets me. OMD forever!



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6 Responses to Happy 30th Birthday, Pretty in Pink!

  1. Whit says:

    This is my favorite Hughes’ movie too. If you like James Spader as I do, then you must agree he was major hotness in “White Palace” and “Sex, Lies & Videotape”, yes? Both are must-watch movies for me. Thanks for this movie clip; I can;t believe it’s been 30 years!

  2. jama says:

    Love this movie too, never tire of seeing it. I like the “Blaine” line too, also when Duckie says, “Do I offend?” and Andie says “May I admire you?” at the end. Fun post!

  3. Micki Allen says:

    Oh. My. Gawd. I’m sooo old. While PIP is not my fave Hughes’ movie, it’s definitely a top contender. SHAME on you for missing White Palace. It IS my fave Spader film. Good luck finding a copy! =0)

  4. I just really can’t get past the wig Andrew McCarthy had to wear to reshoot the ending.

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