Well, I feel like I’ve missed it all!  Seriously. I’ve missed the blog, you guys.

I’m going out on 4 dates this week. Four. All with different guys. One already happened (very nice young man. Army. I’d definitely give him a 2nd date if there is an offer). But because I was out, I missed the 1st episode of Scream Queens. Did anyone watch it? Was it any good? Or The Muppets?

Well, the remainder of this week’s dates I am totally building around my television viewing schedule. Seriously. Tonight is a happy hour date so I can be home in time for Empire.

Because how can I not watch this?


That is some Joan Collins Dynasty shit right there. And I am living for it!!!

Over Labor Day weekend I watched all of season 1. I have a hulu plus account now just because of this show. But it got me to watch Fargo, so thanks hulu!

And tomorrow night I will be ending my dinner early enough to get home to watch How to Get Away With Murder at 10.

Although nothing they do on this show can ever top this:


Sunday I am doing an NFL Sunday 1 o’clock game brunch/lunch date. Because of fantasy. I can’t NOT watch the games. There is too much at stake! I’m going into week three in 1st place. Because I am a boss. Yay, Team Hannibal Lecter’s Face Mask!

Insert obligatory Hannibal gifs:



Oh, and that reminds me–guess who is going to see Gillian Anderson in May on stage in A Streetcar Named Desire?


I’m sooooo stoked. I have some David Duchovny-related news (because, duh), but I’ll save that for later.

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5 Responses to ICYMI

  1. Mum says:

    I missed Scream Queens as well. Gonna watch it later. Have fun on those dates….if 2out of the 4 are decent….you have a 50% success rate. Emily…..winning!.

  2. Dad says:

    You are sooooo your mother’s daughter.

  3. Way to get the dating on! You are my inspiration! What you need to do is if any of these lead to second dates see if they can come join you for some of this TV schedule. I bet someone might like to watch a game with you!

  4. Heather says:

    Four dates? Huzzah! And Muppets was spectacular!

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