60. Orange Duck

I can’t remember how long ago it was that I made this dinner, just that I prepared it in my parents’ kitchen. When was the last time before the last time I was home?

(checks calendar)

Oh. May.


Well, here’s a DiS! card!

60. Orange Duck

Anyway, I chose to make 60. Orange Duck when I visited Pittsburgh back in May because my dad LOVES duck. He’s absolutely bonkers for it…

If we are out at a restaurant, duck is on the menu, and he doesn’t order the duck, my mother thinks that there is something wrong. He loves it. He still waxes poetic over some duck breast dish he had 4 summers ago in Cape May, NJ. Seriously, he has spoken multiple times about this duck. I have a feeling that there must have been heroin in the glaze.


This was a pretty straight forward dinner. The big thing was the duck. What was rather easy because as the duck roasted, we made the sauce.

orange peel

My knife skills have somewhat improved

duck sauce

Note about the sauce: the only Curacao available at the state store was Blue Curacao. Imagine what this would look like if we used the blue stuff. Instead we went for some Cointreau.

It was the right choice.

orange sauce

The end result was a pretty nice sauce. It thickened nicely. See:

duck sauce 2

Aaaaaaaand, Dinner is Served!

Orange Duck Dinner

There are rolls in that basket, you just can’t see them.

Considering that this was my first time making duck, I consider it a win. The little thing was the perfect size for 3 people. It was pretty good. I mean, it was not the Cape May New Jersey Duck To End All Ducks good. But it was good.

I wish that I had a better excuse for not blogging than: I was away for 2 weekends in August for two weddings, and then I went home for Labor Day and had my fantasy football draft, so I’ve been focused on the NFL on Sundays. And Thursdays. And Mondays. One Saturday I binge-watched all of Empire, and now I’m halfway through season 1 of Fargo–I can’t believe that Dr. John Watson is on that show. Weird! Speaking of Dr. John Watson, I just finished Sherlock, which I really enjoyed. I never got the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch, but now seeing him as Sherlock, I’m beginning to understand. He doesn’t particularly do it for me, but I’m totally crushing on the dude that plays Moriarty. Why the hell would I be crushing on a character who is, essentially, a terrorist? I don’t know, maybe I just like unhinged! Speaking of unhinged, can you imagine how fucking awesome it would be if there was some sort of way that you could crossover Hannibal and Sherlock? THINK ABOUT IT. I don’t know if I could handle so many hot sociopaths all at once. This already has to be a thing somewhere. Someone find me this fan fiction!

Also, I got this t-shirt. I wished I had it to watch the finale (because I am a silly, silly, fangirl), but instead I got to wear it for my fantasy football draft:


You may be asking yourself, why is that appropriate for your fantasy draft?

This year’s fantasy team is Hannibal Lecter’s Facemask.

Get it?

And this is my team logo:


And this is what I was like at the draft. Wearing my reading glasses and drinking Pinot Grigio out of a sippy cup. Like the old (classy!) lady that I am.


That dude is my brother.

OK, kittens. More soon!

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8 Responses to 60. Orange Duck

  1. Laura says:

    1. I am jealous I didn’t get to try that duck.
    2. Fargo is so good! I think it does a great job of replicating that creepy Coen Bros. feel.
    3. Any fanfiction that you could possibly think of can be found on tumblr. You have been warned.

    • Yinzerella says:

      1. That’s right, you are a fan of the duck, too!
      2. Totally. I’m looking forward to the 2nd season. I think it’s in October…?
      3. I know. I know. I know. Fan Fic is where 50 Shades of Grey was born. And, can you believe that I don’t have a tumblr account?

  2. I’m with your dad on the duck fanaticism. im the only one that can stand it so I’ve only ever made it twice.

  3. Heather says:

    Yay! Another DiS! And fancy! Also, Fargo is fantastic!

  4. missrose10 says:

    Thank goodness I am not alone about BC. It shows the confidence can make the most mundane man sexy but I look at that face and I’m just like, nope can’t do it. Glad I’m not alone.

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