Playboy Champagne Sherbet Punch

The birthday party rolls on!

I made a punch for my birthday. Because of course I did.


champagne sherbetpunch recipeThis recipe is from the Playboy Host & Bar Book by Thomas Mario (1971 edition).

Angostura bitters? Check.

But the Safeway didn’t have lemon sherbet. Because of course they don’t.

I bought pineapple. I don’t know how much of a difference it made, but my other option was lime, and lime, I think, would have be a bit strong. And wow would the punch have been green. So I bought a half gallon of pineapple sherbet instead.

Anyhoo, I went to my local liquor store and bought a ton of sparkling wine. J. Roget, I believe.


It was, like, $6 a pop. It’s punch, people! Don’t judge. I think I purchased 10 bottles of it. How many fit in a wine box? 12?

Anyway, I wasn’t sure if folks would be down with the punch (because not everyone loves punch) but oh! They were! My friend Kristen, half way through the party, had to go down to the liquor store because we ran out of bubbly. She grabbed whatever bottles of J. Roget that were left. The guy at the shop said to her, “it’s so weird, someone came in yesterday and bought almost all of those.” HA!

How was the punch? Seriously yummy. And I’d totally make it again.

And now, after this and the Super Summer Sangria Punch and the Mad Men Canadian Club Punch, I know that my friends are totally punchy.

Well, I don’t have a picture of the punch. I think I was too busy drinking it. So I’ll just give you a sweet photo from the Playboy book. They’re kinda like punch glasses.


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  1. Eat The Blog says:

    I picture the store owner frantically re-stocking the sparkling wine thinking it is some new trend.

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