Ramp-O-Rama: Ramp Gibson

I asked you, gentle readers, for ideas on what to do with the rest of my pickled ramps, and you gave them to me (thank you!). One of the suggestions–and how the hell did it never occur to me to do this? –was make a COCKTAIL!

ramp martiniSo here it is, a Ramp Gibson.

Ramp Gibson

Make a Martini with the Vodka or Gin of your choice

Garnish with a ramp or two.

….and that’s it.

Seriously, a Gibson is nothing more than a Martini with a pickled onion garnish in lieu of an olive or a twist.

This is a very, very, yummy drink. And the ramp is an excellent sub for a regular ol’ cocktail onion because the pickled ramps are slightly sweet.

Mmmmmmmmm. Watch out! These go down easy.

ramp cocktail

And a word of warning: don’t drink them if you’re planning on making out with someone later. Because you will have some monster ramp breath afterwards.

Making out is not a problem for me right now–in that I am not doing any of that at all.

So I guess I’m saying that making out is a problem for me right now….?

Now, after the jump is an excellent infographic to give you the low down on the ins and outs of the Martini, via FIX.COM

Highly informative. You’ll be an expert!

make a martini


Happy mixing, kittens!

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  1. This idea sounds much better than the boring salad or sandwich! Too much like work for me. Give me my Diet Coke and Bacardi or UV Blue (I think that’s what it’s called) and I’ll take my low-brow self on home. Though it’s great to learn, and learning is POWER! (Cue “Schoolhouse Rock”)

  2. Reblogged this on sixdegreesofstoogeration and commented:
    See, kids! This is how to live! When life gives you ramps, you make a Gibson!

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