Cher’s Hawaiian Meatballs

It’s Cher’s 69th birthday!

Now, last year I posted Cher’s recipe for Hawaiian Meatballs American Style; this year I decided to make them!

cherball“Willowy recording artist and TV personality.” I love that. And of course now we can add, Academy Award Winner, activist, gym spokesperson, the list goes on (and the list goes on).

Hit it Cher!

Literally. Hit it!


She’s also an author. There is a Cher cookbook but it is out of print. Sad face. Because the reviews on Amazon are pretty good. And, well, CHER.

cooking for cher

However, this recipe comes from The Celebrity Cookbook Volume II (1978)

celebrity cookbook

I need a copy of this one, yinz guys.

But anyhoo, let’s get cooking!

I cut the recipe in half because I was only cooking for Claire and myself. So, 1.25 pounds of beef and then half of everything else. But egg. How am I supposed to cut an egg in half? Whatever, it worked.

cher meatballshawaiian sauce

To accompany the meatballs, I made some fried rice from Gloria Bley Miller’s The Thousand Recipe Cookbook (1977 edition).

It was simple: just onion, canned carrot and peas, and egg.

It got the job done.

chers meatballs

And the meatballs were pretty good. A sweet and sour meatball. Just what I expected them to be.

Although I’m still confused as to how a Hawaiian Meatball needed to be “American Style” considering that Hawaii became a state in 1959. Was it because these were all beef and no pork?

I dunno.

Happy birthday, Cher! Shine on, you Bob Mackey-clad, ass-baring, half-breed, gypsy, dark lady diva. You are the Goddess of Pop and you are FABULOUS!

I’m going to put this here, because I think a lot of us forget that these two were once an item:


What do you think it was like between these 2?

And now, here’s a Cher MEGAMIX.

Just because.

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