Hooray for Hors d’Ouerves: Avocado Dip & Marinated Shrimp

Hors d’ Ouerves Week continues with two other dishes from card A1 from the Cookindex recipe card set.

Cookindex recipe set

Oh, the culinary tricks and treats that lie in this box!


Card A1 through the “magic window”

First up is Marinated Shrimp!

thanksgiving dishes 002

The little pink pan there indicates that this is an electric skillet dish. Isn’t it so funny how big the electric skillet was in the 50s? I mean, I love mine–but why would I drag out the electric skillet when all I had to do was boil some water and cook the shrimp in it? Well, all I had to do was boil some water and cook the shrimp in it, so the electric skillet stayed in the cupboard.

Now. boiling and chilling would just make a regular ol’ shrimp cocktail. But these are marinated! And what an odd marinade it is. Just because it is so basic. And bland. There isn’t enough vinegar to give it a pickled flavor. The Tabasco and Worcestershire levels are low. And sugar. Sugar?

thanksgiving dishes 005

It just seems like there should be more to it, right?

Well, whatever, I tossed the shrimp in it and put it in a Tupperware to chill.

Moving on…

Don’t get this confused with guacamole, because this isn’t guacamole, it’s Cookindex Avocado Dip!

thanksgiving dishes 001

thanksgiving dishes 003

Yup. No peppers. No tomato. This is different.

The dip was chunk-free so it was smooth. And it wasn’t avocado colored because the main ingredient was sour cream.

But I dropped the “seed” (seed? It’s a pit, Cookindex. A PIT!) into the dip in the hopes that it wouldn’t darken:

thanksgiving dishes 007

And guess what?

It didn’t darken!

Here are the two dishes, at Thanksgiving dinner, in a cute little fishy dish:thanksgiving dishes 013

The avocado dip was mild; kind of like a horseradish-sour cream that you’d dip jalepeno poppers or fried green tomatoes. But more complex because the avocados made it buttery. Now, I am very faithful to Old Bay and I love a good cocktail sauce, but hot damn, this avocado dip was great with the shrimp.

And the shrimp was definitely not pickled, nor extremely flavored by the marinade; but seemingly the vinegar and oil just made the shrimp more buttery. Not a bad thing.

I look forward to dipping back (ha!) into this recipe card set again. Perhaps for the next party I attend? We shall see.

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9 Responses to Hooray for Hors d’Ouerves: Avocado Dip & Marinated Shrimp

  1. Huh. I thought the oil would ruin a marinade (at least with 3/4 cup!). Interesting.

    This was too normal–needs more loaves of stuff and canned tuna!

  2. missrose10 says:

    I have some avacados in the the fridge right now, on sale at Safeway her in CA, I was going to make a healthy salad wit them but this sounds like much more fun.

  3. Conor Bofin says:

    The entire concept breaks me up. Keep at it.

  4. baylor003 says:

    Okay, I can’t eat shrimp, but I was so hoping you were going to do this one soon! (I spied it in the deviled egg post lol) I really really wanted to know about the avocado dip…I LOVE avocado!

  5. I love your fish dish! I’d devote a whole room to novelty kitchenware if I had unlimited time and money.

  6. Jill says:

    Steal that fish plate. Seriously. Too cute!

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