Hooray for Hors d’Oeuvres: Double Weenie Wreath

Howdy, kittens!

Are you somewhere that’s getting snow?


Charles Street & 23rd January 2010


Snow drifts on 23rd. No way to drive through that.


Channeling Gene Kelly. I may have been a little drunk here.

If so, I really hope that you went out shopping yesterday and already have your milk, bread, and toilet paper. I’m looking specifically at our friends in New York and New England.

Speaking of New England, I only remember it snowing once when I lived in Boston and it wasn’t all noteworthy. Isn’t that weird? I know that it had to more than that, but I only remember the one time. Well, that’s aside from the time I nearly killed myself and Frank the Cat while driving back to school after Thanksgiving; my VW Beetle did a full 360 spin-out in the middle of I-80. But I guess that was more ice than snow.

When I lived in Brooklyn, I remember there being a big snow storm because my brother was staying with me and he had taken the train into Manhattan to see a friend and he had the worst time getting back to Brooklyn. We ended up playing A LOT of Super Nintendo because there was absolutely nothing to do. It seemed like the city shut down.

Much like when I was here in Baltimore for the Snowpocalypse of 2010. The city definitely shut down. I didn’t even live here yet, I was just visitin Dearly Departed Cleve. We were trapped in his apartment (which eventually became my apartment) with no cable tv and no furniture. Seriously. The only furniture in the house was his futon, a tv stand, a desk chair and folding table with his computer on it. Oh, and a slow cooker! I made ropa vieja in the slow cooker. Thank the lord that my mother suggested to me to buy a shit-ton of booze before I drove down (I think I brought a box of red, a box of white, a fifth of Jim Beam and I think a couple bottles of sparkling something or other); it got us through the initial snow. Really, drunk is the best way to get through an event like that. Luckily, urban living allows for a walk up the block to the bottle shop or to the local bar/restaurant for some boilermakers and wings.

And speaking of cities shutting down, when I lived in Richmond with my brother it snowed/iced for a few days and everyone in VA lost their minds. They don’t have plows down there and they don’t have salt, so I remember guys in those orange jumpsuits going around and throwing sand everywhere like that was somehow going to create traction or melt something. All it did was make tan slop. Silly Southerners.

Now ending snowy walk down memory lane.

Well, all of that is neither here nor there. I am hoping to this week do a little bit of clearing house with a lot of the posts that I have up in the queue–so I am hoping that this week will be The Week Of Hors d’Oeurves! 

To kick it off, here is something wintry: The Annual Weenie Wreath!

But this year, due to how popular Weenie Wreath was in 2013, I made a DOUBLE WEENIE WREATH!!!

more blog photos 011

What also made this year’s Weenie Wreath special is that the center ring was filled with American cheese.

more blog photos 018

You can see the cheese seeping out in this photo, which shows my awesome sun dried tomato and basil poinsettia.  Style points!

more blog photos 021

And that’s the finished product. I garnished with a chiffonade of basil to give it a bit of holiday green.

Again, the wreath was a massive hit. I don’t know if my Double Weenie Wreath was as awe-inspiring or mind-blowing as a double rainbow, but I think it’s close.

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6 Responses to Hooray for Hors d’Oeuvres: Double Weenie Wreath

  1. I love cheese. I love grilled cheese. I can only eat grilled cheese when made with cheese “food product.” Hamburgers, etc., must have real cheese. I don’t get it–I can’t understand why the “cheese food” is so good on grilled cheese, yet horrendous when eaten on a cracker (or heaven forbid!) a breakfast sandwich. Hint to restaurants: please offer REAL CHEESE on your various McMuffins, Burger King Big-Ass Meat Sandwich, etc. (Panera, I love you, I spent entire mornings in your Downtown location trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life/nursing iced coffee, but even though your breakfast sandwiches have real cheese, they are absurdly small for the price. Why do I get half a sandwich for breakfast, and then more sandwich than I can eat for lunch?! Answer me that!)

    (Calms down)

    That said, I would definitely eat the hell out of that wreath! Also, there’s no snow in the forecast for St. Louis (thank goodness!) Last year, there was at least a foot and a half on the ground by now.

  2. I’m really at a lack for words, here. I’m not sure what to say about the double weinie wreath. A part of me feels a tad repelled, yet I think if I were there when that came out of the oven, I might have a small bite, then another, then another. I’m not sure why? LOL~

  3. missrose10 says:

    If I can’t have the drugs that man is on in the video your double wreath is a close second for sure. Are we going for a tipple wreath next year?

  4. tarynnicole says:

    Love the poinsettia!!! xx

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