Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book: Whipped Butters

I know, you’re probably thinking. It’s December, why are you sharing a recipe from a barbecue cookbook?

Well, kittens, these are an absolute treat. And they can be enjoyed anytime of the year. These are flavored, whipped butters that are equally delicious on steaks, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, or any sort of vegetable. I bet you can find some way to integrate them into your holiday season celebrations!

These recipes are from the Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book (1967). Which I did not take a picture of. Nor did I add it to my Cookbook Collection Page.

So sue me.

I’ll get to it eventually.

Here are the recipes:


horseradish and anise butter recipes

Pictures after the jump!

Whipped Butters

All three are yummy on corn on the cob. And although it’s out of season, you can grill corn all year long in the oven (which is what we did we did not bake them Indian-style on the grill. Oh, how politically incorrect you are, Better Homes & Gardens!)

I was wary of the anise butter, but it was especially good on the corn.

The butters are also excellent in baked potatoes along with toppings like bacon, sour cream, and chives.

baked potatoes

The herb butter was crazy-good in the potatoes.

And the horseradish butter? Although in the little recipe blurb it says that the horseradish butter “puts corn-on-the-cob in the gourmet class,” it was the steaks that we grilled that really went gourmet with a bit of butter on top.

Oh, hell. They were all good on everything. BECAUSE: BUTTER.


Totally festive, right?

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7 Responses to Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book: Whipped Butters

  1. S. S. says:

    I bet the anise butter on toasted banana bread is amazing.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – corn on my cob (typo) is my FAVOURITE thing to eat. And horseradish is in the top 10 too. I am on it. I will be having a “pick your flavoured butter party” just as soon as I can find one of those three dish serving platters on ebay.

  3. phairhead says:

    Yum! I was just imaging how great these butters would taste on a bloody prime rib 🙂

  4. Rusty Cunningham says:

    I’m making a prime rib for Christmas Eve & will make the Horseradish Butter, for sure! Thanks!
    I remember being told to sit “Indian-style” in elementary school…I wonder if kids are asked to sit “Native American-style” now?

  5. Eat The Blog says:

    “Indigenous person of North American style”

    The anise butter would be good with fish. I this cookbook, but never use it. Why? That has to change.

  6. Late to the party (as usual), but recently I had butter on a steak for the first time. Alls I can say is “WOW! WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS WAS A THING THAT’S SOOOOO GOOOOOD?!”
    That is all.

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