Bisquick Impossible Seafood Pie

Another Impossible Pie.

People, I am dead serious about finishing these damn things by the end of this year. As God as my witness, I will complete all 12 of the pies from the “No Time to Cook” booklet!



And I guess that is an accurate title for the book–I’ve made at least half of these. And they are all pretty damn easy.

Let’s see how we did with the Impossible Seafood Pie, shall we?impossible seafood pie recipe

I used fake crab because I had a package in my freezer. And, why would I use really decent crab in a Bisquick recipe? (No offense, Betty Crocker!)

seafood pie ingredients

Believe it or not, those are scallions and not leeks!

I also chose the shredded Mild Cheddar, because, although SHARP American cheese may have existed in 1982, I don’t think it does now.

Anyway, I had a good feeling about this because it was all ingredients that I like. Crab? Good. Green onions? Good. Cheddar? Good. Cream Cheese? Hell yeah!

So, here are pictures of the Impossible Pie, Step By Step (don’t make me unleash NKOTB on you again).

Here, is the sliced scallion, broken up crab, and diced pimiento. I enjoy pimiento. I feel like it gets a bad rap. It’s just red pepper, right?


On top of that goes shredded cheddar and cubed cream cheese. Yay, for cheesy goodness!

Here, the blended eggs and milk and Bisquick are added.



And, now, after baking. Look at that beautiful Impossible Pie! Look at those big chunks of cream cheese!
DSCN0617OK, this was yummy. Seriously yummy. Crab with 2 kinds of cheeses? You’re on your way to a crab dip (and yes, I did add a lot of Old Bay to this. OF COURSE).

Now, perhaps you’re not a big fan of fake crab (surimi), so you can put in little shrimps or canned tuna (Ew. But it’s your life, dude. Live it they way you want to). I highly recommend this Impossible Pie. Serve it up with a little salad and this is perfect for a light dinner. Or if you host a brunch or a luncheon.

Speaking of luncheons, do people host luncheons anymore? Or bridge nights? I really wish that we did. If by some act of God I become independently wealthy (no chance there) or marry rich (even slimmer chance there) I promise that I will host luncheons–beautiful luncheons with tea sandwiches and afternoon-appropriate champagne punches. And this little Impossible Pie is absolutely quiche-y and would be perfect for such an occasion.

I know that I’d be able to get a plethora of ideas (125, in fact!) from this little gem:

lunchbrunchI have this in my collection. I just don’t think I’ve prepared any of the luscious lunches and best brunches. I’ll have to get on that, ASAP. I feel like now I am a homeowner I should be hosting more brunches. Maybe after the holidays.

And because I mentioned them earlier, I am still gonna bust out some NKOTB for ya. It’s my favorite song. And it has their best choreography. And Donnie’s hair. And Jonathan’s, what? SWEATSUIT? And the crowd noise. Oh, the crowd noise. Did I mention that this performance is from Showtime at the Apollo?

Let that sink into your brain.

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11 Responses to Bisquick Impossible Seafood Pie

  1. Julie says:

    I’m totally going to make this. It might become a Lenten favorite! 🙂

  2. Godzilaw says:

    NKOTB. That presenter’s hair, tho – that’s at least 2 cans of aquanet. Oh, and Donnie’s pants. Wow.

    Pie looks delicious! 🙂

  3. DJ says:

    They sell sharp American cheese in the deli – Cooper Sharp or Hoffman’s Super Sharp. It is the bomb. ‘Course that drives the price of a Bisquick casserole up…

    • Cyndi says:

      Indeed they do sell sharp American! My deli carries Cooper, it’s pretty good. But in a pinch, mild cheddar will do. (But cheddar is kinda icky.)

  4. Conor Bofin says:

    Mad as a March hare. Crazy Horses was my favourite.

  5. Too funny! I took my daughter to a New Kid’s concert for her birthday one year – torture! lol! She loved it! I just get the biggest kick out of the impossible pies, and maybe luncheons should be brought back! I’d have to get one of those half aprons!

  6. Jill says:

    NKOTB = seriously, the best thing I have seen all week. I am gonna be singing it all day. Awesome.

  7. jackiewright says:

    while it is not still called sharp american cheese, the cheese we now call cooper cheese was once called sharp american.

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