Me & McRib: A Love Story

An amazing thing happened to me this weekend. I ATE A McRIB!



How did this happen considering that the powers that be didn’t bring the McRib to the greater Baltimore metropolitan area…?

Todd and Leah bought me one on their way to Baltimore from Ohio.

Yes, they brought me an out-of-state McRib. That’s real friendship right there. They are so fucking rad.

And it looks as though this year’s McRib packaging was tailored just for me:


I do indeed have a love affair going on with the McRib; but it is completely one-sided. I love the McRib, but it doesn’t love me back. It is fickle. Not visiting me this year–for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW? It’s downright rude. The McRib toys with my emotions, but every year I still wish and hope and pray that its questionable pork patty and tangy sauciness will return┬áto me once more.


I am the McRib’s bitch.

Todd and Leah also brought me copious amounts of Skyline Chili.


They know me so well (totally making Skyline Chili Dip this week!)

So how was it?

Even microwaved, after 3 days in the fridge, it was a treat. I mean, fresh is best, but I am just thrilled that I got to have one this season. I don’t know which McDonald’s they stopped at, but whoever made it went heavy on the onions and the barbecue sauce. The onions I could’ve done with less of. The sauce? The sauce is boss and that was just right.

I have been told by multiple DiS! readers that Morningstar Farms makes a really good faux meat quasi McRib riblet. I am going to have to check that out. A relatively healthy McRib? I’m in.

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0 Responses to Me & McRib: A Love Story

  1. Todd and Leah give me hope that not everyone it the world is an asshole. I’m so happy for you and your McRib. It brings a tear to my eye.

  2. Please send Todd and Leah to visit me in London, England. I aint NEVER had a McRib.

  3. missrose10 says:

    You call those friends? A real friend would have brought you 20. lol

  4. I think those McRibs are chock full o’ assholes. Didn’t stop me from wolfing down another one of those bad boys Saturday afternoon! (Ahhh…saucy, pickle-y goodness!)

    Congrats on the belated McRib!

  5. retro rover says:

    ive always kind of wanted to try one

    retro rover

  6. Buzz says:

    I just eat actual ribs whenever I can. I agree that the Skyline Chili is amazing though.

  7. Haven’t been to McD’s in a while, so I gotta check if they’re here… And theres no way a vegetarian McRib is a good thing.

  8. The Mouse says:

    I too have an infatuation with the McRib. One of the better menu items at MickeyD’s

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