Microwave Jack O’ Lantern Salad

Sorry I’ve been AWOL, kittens. But I do have a very good reason–I just moved into my very own house!

The house is a work in progress. Very much a work in progress. In the second bedroom it looks a closet exploded–just clothes and clothes and clothes everywhere. And there are boxes filled with random shit in each room. I need to fix that STAT because my beloved Ohioans, Todd and Leah are staying with me next weekend. Huzzah!

But I digress.

Even though there is so much unpacking left to do at my new abode, I still took the time to make a dish for my office’s annual Halloween Pot Luck Luncheon.

I decided to make this recipe, which I posted on the DiS! Facebook page earlier this week.


I don’t know from what cookbook this comes or what year it was published. I just came across this on the interwebz. I am guessing early 80s.

It’s a good thing I picked a microwave dish because apparently the pilot light in my oven isn’t on and I have to light it. Or I have to turn on the gas. Both scenarios scare me.

Emily go boom.

The step by step photos above show the process, so I didn’t bother taking any. But here is the finished product:


I think he’s kinda cute.

Not a single bite was taken from my Jack O’Lantern salad. But I am not offended. I always have to make the decision: do I make something that people would actually want to eat, or something that I can post on the blog?

99% of the time the blog wins. Lucky you, gentle readers.

So there you have it–the first retro dish out of my new kitchen! I think it was a good one.

Here are a few other pictures of food that was actually eaten at the potluck:

Displaying IMG_1146.JPG

Displaying IMG_1143.JPGDisplaying IMG_1144.JPG


I wish a very Happy Halloween to you all! I hope that you get lots of treats tonight and have so much fun it’s scary!

I am going to be in my house, with the lights off, drinking hot cider and bourbon (note to self: after work, buy cider and bourbon), watching Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and avoiding trick or treaters. I’m still knackered from the move, so this sounds like an absolutely delightful way to observe the holiday.

Plus, Fire Walk With Me is an absolutely terrifying movie.

Happy Halloween, yinz guys!

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0 Responses to Microwave Jack O’ Lantern Salad

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    More madness. I love it. Best of luck and happiness in your new abode.

  2. missrose10 says:

    Man I wish I could celebrate the same way. I would love to just have a nice drink and dinner and watch zombie movies in the back of the house and just make it look like we are not home. The last 2 months have been beasts but the BF wants to pass out candy to half the town, we literally have gb asdfasdfio9o asws <– sorry that was my cat, Buttins says Hi, now where was I oh yes 100's of children come by our house. But now I have bags of chocolate in my house that MUST go so I will be passing out candy as fast as I can and maybe drinking equally as fast. Happy Halloween! And again congrats on the new house.

  3. TidiousTed says:

    Tons of luck and happiness in your new home Emily 🙂 And since Norwegians have taken the Halloween tradition to their heart I’ve chosen to do like you. I went to my week end place outside town (a 280 year old smallholdings) and any kid who braves my 2,5 kilometer unlit drive up from the main road will get a bagfull. But no one has till now 😉

  4. So funny, and congrats! And just to let you know, I would have tried at least on obligatory bite! I know – perhaps no one wanted to spoil the masterpiece?!

  5. hemcfeely says:

    LOL! He’s adorable. Your celery is so jaunty.

  6. Kari says:

    Awww, he’s cute! I can’t believe no one tried it, although I have to admit that once there is a face on something, it’s hard for me to cut into it. Unless it’s a clown face.

  7. Eat The Blog says:

    No one wanted to be the first to cut into pumpkinhead. I would have, but most people aren’t as barbaric around food as I am. Anyway, I’m sure he was admired as a garnish/holiday decoration.So sinister, yet lovable.
    Congratulations again on the house. Clothes strewn everywhere sounds like a perk of home ownership to me. Hell, it sounds like a decorating technique to me. I have a lot of clothes-I feel your pain.

  8. tarynnicole says:

    OMG…he’s terrifying!!! Brilliantly done but I seriously could not have that in my house, it would frighten me to death knowing he was lurking in the kitchen (where all the knives are). xx

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