Stan Rizzo Loves Bacon Logs

That’s a lot of hair for a lot of man.

In this entertaining Q&A with Jay R. Ferguson, a.k.a. Mad Men‘s Stan Rizzo, Ferguson talks about a memento he stole from the set when they disassembled the creative lounge to make way for The Computer (damn you, Harry Crane!).

So out of everything in the lounge what did he choose? An advertisement for Log Cabin syrup.

He says, “My very first day, when I shot there, there was one that caught my eye, probably because it had bacon in the picture and I’m such a bacon lover.”

Ferguson talks about the Log Cabin ad so much in the interview that I had to find it to see what the fuss was all about.

Well, here it is:

bacon logsDamn. That looks good. You chose wisely, Jay. I, too, am a bacon lover.

Also, your beard is the best (it’s only rivaled by Ron Swanson’s mustache). Never change.

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6 Responses to Stan Rizzo Loves Bacon Logs

  1. Angie says:

    I still love that picture of you. I was going to recreate it with my own spin but my I see London pants finally died and are now rags for when my BF makes messes and I can’t find an affordable Pee-Wee Herman on velvet. C’est la vie. I will just have to eat cake like a boring person instead, but at least I will have cake.

  2. Omg – can you hear my stomach rumbling here in London? I want a bacon log!!!

  3. EatTheBlog says:

    Armour made bacon? I thought they only did hot dogs. Crap, now I have the jingle stuck in my head. I have zero memory of Log Cabin syrup (regional, maybe?) but I do like they way the ad makes it look rustic, and elegant at the same time.

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