Twin Peaks Tuesday: Georgia Coffee

ImageLast week I told you that, in honor of the upcoming Blu-Ray box-set release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, I’d be dedicating Tuesdays to Twin Peaks.

Here is a series of deliciously weird coffee advertisements that ran in Japan in 1993. It seems like a no brainer to use Agent Cooper and Co. to shill coffee. But here’s what’s really weird (in addition to the fact that it’s Twin Peaks)–it’s canned coffee. Which I guess isn’t too bizarre–I mean, Starbucks sells those bottled iced mochaccino thingies. But seriously, like Coop would ever drink anything other than a steaming, hot cup o’ joe that’s as black as a moonless night!

Anyway, here is the series. Enjoy!


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One Response to Twin Peaks Tuesday: Georgia Coffee

  1. Ukky Chan says:

    Almost all the coffee you get in Japan seemed to be in vending machines, in hot cans. But boy they were good! Of course I was only in Nagoya, but anything about Asia you post gets me excited. 😀

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