Vanna White Wants You Slim!

This is one of the greatest things ever.
Start at 1:47 and be amazed at what happens at 2:15.
Her outfit at 3:10!
TAB! Do they still make TAB?
8:30. Said no one. Ever.
9:15 Vanna gets lucky.
Watch it.

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    • Yinzerella says:

      This review:
      Do not get this book because you are looking for a literary masterpiece. Buy this book because you are a Wheel of Fortune fan! How many of us can say that we are the best in the world at what we do? There is no question, Vanna is the world’s best letter turner (now letter presser). She performs her job with a fluidity of motion that no other letter turner can approach. Yes, there are others who do this. I have seen substitutes for Vanna on Wheel of Fortune, and Wheel of Fortune equivalent shows in other countries. (The most amusing is the Hungarian version where there are more vowels than consonants.) Vanna is the best.
      I have to admit to some level of prejudice. I met Vanna when I appeared on WOF as a contestant. The answers to your three questions are: (1) $55,618, (2) the money is taxed as income, (3) Vanna is very nice, but we do not keep in touch.

      • Wait…whaaaa?!?!! (Late to the party, as usual…)

        No, I knew the answer to #2, but neat on the other two! I’ve thought that if I were to audition (and get on), I’d be the fool who’d pronounce “Jessica Lange” as “Jessica Lahngee” (or however the poor soul pronounced it.) All of my home-play/hollering would be useless.

        As for her advice, God bless the 80s…it was like looking at 8-tracks and laughing at them while they’re still in fashion–you realize it’s in style, but damn, is it ugly or a stupid concept!

  1. Godzilaw says:


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