Beverage Bonus: Tom Collins (Vodka Collins)

So for the last snow day that I had, I had already exhausted all of the rum (actually, I take that back–I still have some dark rum in the cabinet above my fridge. Speaking of which, is that where everyone keeps their booze? Or was that just my parents–and now me?)

But I digress. The last snow day I decided to kick the bottle of Smirnoff that was sitting the the back of my liquor cabinet. I had club soda, a lemon, an orange and Maraschino cherries on hand so I decided to go with a Tom Collins.

Tom Collins Recipe

Is that a green onion as a garnish for the cocktail?

Here's How! by Stouffer'sOK, technically a Vodka Collins because the original calls for gin. Here is another recipe for a Tom Collins, this one from the Here’s How! by Stouffer’s cocktail book that once belonged to my Pap Pap.

I love this recipe because of its specificity:

Tom Collins Recipe--Stouffer's

So glad that there is a solution to my pesky thirst quenching problems!

Tom Collins Recipe--Stouffer's 2

Stouffer’s is right–sometimes an extra-long drink is in order.

Could that be any more detailed? God forbid you put in more than 3 ice cubes (which I did) or use a glass bigger that 4 1/2 inches. Or put in more than 1/2 inch of seltzer. Hold on–why am I serving this on a bread and butter plate?

Tom Collins Stouffer's picture

Um. Yep. Bread and butter plate.

Well, here is my Vodka Collins. I really should have put it on a bread and butter plate. Deduct points for presentation.

Vodka CollinsThis drink was absolutely delightful. I like a fizzy drink and I love a fruity garnish. This would be excellent on a particularly hot day, right after I finished a tennis match.  Or not. That’s like those people who run 5ks for the beer at the end. Or is it that you drink beer while you are running? Either way, I see dehydration as an issue, no?

Huh, there’s a beer run in Annapolis at the end of this month. Maybe I should check it out. I can now run a mile after all (thank you, gym membership).

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8 Responses to Beverage Bonus: Tom Collins (Vodka Collins)

  1. Betsy says:

    Back in my much younger days, we use to go this German restaurant that didn’t card. I always ordered a Tom Collins or four. Can’t believe I liked them. The smell of gin now makes me gag, hahaha!

  2. Eat The Blog says:

    Cherries are being touted as a super-food for arthritis now, so that makes a Tom Collins therapeutic.

  3. What the hell is a bread and butter plate? And why is there a tennis racket with that cocktail?

    • Yinzerella says:

      I am assuming that Buffy and Mitch just finished a rousing match at the country club and then needed a double-sized Collins to quench their thirst.

      One of the reasons I love these old cookbooks is the weird staging–I love making up weird back stories for them.

  4. Conor Bofin says:

    I’mm more of a Joan Collins man myself…

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