Beverage Bonus: Dark and Fizzy

Let’s go back a couple weeks ago to the first snow day, which from henceforth will be known as Rum Day–so not this Monday when I was home again from work (this week was vodka).

After making the Bacardi Cocktail and the Mary Pickford, we’re at the point of the snow day where I just started throwing things together and hoping they’d work.

I had run out of Bacardi. I had drained most of the juice from the pineapple. So I was left with dark rum, club soda, crushed pineapple, and a half a bottle of Grenadine.

So I made a hybrid drink. Kinda like a cross between a Pineapple Fizz and a Dark and Stormy. I called it a Dark and Fizzy. OBVIOUSLY.

I put in a cocktail shaker 2 shots dark rum, 2 shots of whatever pineapple juice was left (which meant a lot of crushed pineapple as well) and a splash of Grenadine. I strained it into a tall glass (this is actually a Steelers pilsner with the logo facing to the back) filled with ice cubes and then topped it off with club soda.

Dark and FizzyThis was–okay. It was better than the Bacardi Cocktail but nowhere near as good as the Mary Pickford. It was what you’d expect when throwing the kitchen sink into a cocktail shaker.  But at that point I was 3 drinks in, so what did I care?

Next week I’ll get to this week’s snow day cocktail. I made a Tom Collins. And it was delicious.

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2 Responses to Beverage Bonus: Dark and Fizzy

  1. Conor Bofin says:

    Ease up there Girl. It’s a slippery slope. Fun, but slippery none the less.

  2. rusty cunningham says:

    I think George Thorogood said it best 🙂

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