Beverage Bonus: The Mary Pickford

It’s snowing again here. But only a few inches. Not enough for cancellation. Or delay (I really could have gone for a delay–I stayed up too late watching season 1 of Hannibal in anticipation of its return on Friday night. Dude, this show is SO good).

But if you are somewhere today where it is indeed falling down hard enough for a snow day, let me present to you yet another rum libation I made the last time I was trapped in my apartment due to inclement weather.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Mary Pickford:

Mary Pickford

I love the word GROG

This here is the real Mary Pickford:


With a kitten.
Brian would never do this.
Not that my feeble shoulders would be able to carry all 20+ pounds of him.

I don’t know much about her except that she was in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I have never seen the film but I believe that there was a post of the film in my early 1980s childhood bedroom–hung above one of those clown lamps that everyone had back in the day. You know the one:

That lamp is so cool. I wish I still had one. My parents will have to confirm or deny the existence of the poster.

If you want to learn more about Miss Pickford you can click on her picture above.

But, let’s get back to the booze!

Like I said, my kitchen was lousy with rum, so I made rum cocktails. This one I chose because I have Grenadine in my fridge. No, I didn’t have pineapple juice, but I did have a can of crushed pineapple in the cupboard, so I just strained it and squished it and got enough juice for 1 jigger (necessity is the mother of invention!).

So a little hippy-hippy shake in the cocktail shaker, and into a chilled glass (yeah, I got fancy with it–what else was I going to do?), this was the end product:

And a pretty color, to boot!

This was DELICIOUS. And dangerous. I could have drank 5 of these in a row. I’m not a fan of rum, but boy-oh-boy is it yummy when mixed with pineapple juice. I am glad that I had a limited supply of juice.

So good for you Mary Pickford that your cocktail is a good one! Dare I say, it’s even better than Liberace’s?

Speaking of Liberace (and when am I not speaking of Liberace?), here’s a little ditty he did back in 1952 called “Cocktails for Two.”

Play me out, Lee!


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  1. this one is going on my cocktail party list. a pitcher or two of these and my guests will stop noticing how disorganized I am 🙂

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