Happy National Jell-O Week! (Brian bonus included)

rainbow cake

Rainbow Cake was a Jell-O highlight

It is once again that time of year. Yesterday began National Jell-O Week. Or at least according to the random holiday website that I just linked to. But anyhoo, National Jell-O week is, for me, and some other folks (I’m looking at you: Mimi, Ruth, and Brian) one of the happiest times of the year.

It gives me a reason to pause and reflect on all of the fantastic Jell-O creations that have come out of Dinner is Served 1972 in the past years; and look to the future and all of the gelatin-based possibilities out there.

Now, I am going to have a brand-new Jell-O treat for you later this week, but isn’t it awesome that my entry for the 3rd round of the DICED! competition just happens to be a Jell-O dish? Kismet, I tell you!

So why don’t you pop on over and show your Jell-O love and vote for my Hawaiian Coffee Jelly Parfaits? CLICK HERE.

Please do. I’ll love you forever. Seriously. Share it with your friends (I wanna win, goddamnit!)

Speaking of the parfait, here are some other pictures that didn’t make it into the original post:


individual parfaits for dinner at Todd & Leah’s


With the cover of an old Hawaiian magazine


Experimenting with wicker


Fun with filters!
Check out that translucency

I tried really hard with the pictures this time, guys. Please go and vote HERE. 

And I will now share some Brian. Because you deserve some fun after my shameless self-promotion.

Recently, I found him on the bed like this.  And my first thought was oh, that is so cute! I love Brian so much! I am going to rub his belly!

Brian takes up the whole bedAnd then I realized: that is a full-size bed. Not a twin. If he scooted over a bit and fully stretched himself out, from toe to toe Brian would be the width of a full-size bed. Cats should not be that large. What the hell kind of monster cat did I adopt? Is there anyway that he is going to get larger? He really could smother me in my sleep. 

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  1. Angie says:

    Our “little” one is about that big as well. Just keep giving him belly rubs and then there will be no need for him to smother you in your sleep.

  2. Voted! And, wowser, Brian is a gorgeous hunk of giant cat.

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