Happy Birthday, James Spader!

Screw Ducky.

Screw Blane. (His name is Blane? Blane?)

Can we all just agree that Andie should have ended up with Steff in Pretty in Pink?

Well, he’d be my pick.


If you know me, you know that I wouldn’t be able to say no to that.

Maybe I’m such a fan of Less Than Zero because there is not only Spader but RDJ, too!

Too much 80s hotness (and hair) in a single frame

Another gem with them both: Tuff Turf!

I do not know what is going on here, but I like it

OK, Tuff Turf is actually a horrible movie. But a good one?


I love that movie. It’s so delightfully weird.

Anyway, here’s a bizarre montage (to Lady Gaga!) of some of his best moments.

Seriously, Steff, you could call me a bitch anytime.

OMG, have he and Nic Cage ever been in a movie together? My head would fall off.

Anyway, happy 54th birthday, Spader! Maybe one day I will get around to watching The Blacklist. I hear you’re quite good in it. Albeit bald.

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6 Responses to Happy Birthday, James Spader!

  1. iamsurly says:

    I miss hot young James Spader. Old James Spader is not hot. It’s a tragedy.

  2. vintage72pam says:

    I watch The Blacklist and still find him attractive, even bald. Part of it is the delicious clothes he wears on the show–makes a difference. And he’s as big a bastard as ever. Happy Birthday, James Spader!

  3. Angie says:

    Ducky all the way! Spader was just trying to get in her pants, Ducky truly loved her. If she went with Ducky (how the script originally ended but Molly Ringwald didn’t like it and made him change it hence the making of “Some kind of Wonderful”) she would now be living in Silicon valley super rich since he would be the co creator of some roll playing on line video game like World of Warcraft. Andy would have tried his best but didn’t understand who she really is and would try to stifle the freak that made Andy one of the most awesome characters of all time. And as I stated before Spader would have thrown her to the curb when he was done with her like the trash he thought she was. Can you tell I watched that movie every day when I got home from high school, own an exact copy of Duckies jacket he wore to prom and have been to the Psychedelic furs 3 times, twice in one week? Now that I have gotten that off my chest I would also like to agree that Secretary is one of the best love stories ever told and he is so freaking hot in that it is not funny. I have to go now and put Tuff Turf in my queue because I want to believe there is a love scene with him and RDJ in that move because DAMN! that picture is H O T! I think I need to make that a screen saver for my phone with that.

  4. mytopsecretid says:

    I was married to a guy who looked like RDJ. And had his drug problem.

    You wouldn’t want him. Not ever.

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