This is 35

babyActually, that’s me in 1979.

Yeah, it’s my 35th birthday today. And all I can think of is this scene from Season Four of Sex and the City (specifically the part at the end where they start filling out Carrie’s dating service application). I can’t find a video clip, but you can listen to the audio of the episode here:

Carrie (V.O.): It was a lovely uneventful Saturday morning. Three lattes, two newspapers, and … one dating-service application.

Int. trendy NY café

Carrie: Dear single…

Miranda: Single? You don’t even have a name?

Carrie: Well I’m single, I don’t deserve one.

Samantha: That’s the postal equivalent of a drive-by shooting.

Carrie: Yeah and I thought those fifty-seven menus I get everyday from Hunan Munan were annoying.

Miranda: Look at this! Don’t let your soul mate slip away.

Carrie: Oh I know it’s almost a threat it like we have ‘em he’s just waiting for you but hurry ‘cause he’s slipping, slipping away Oops there he goes. Soulmates only exist in the hallmark aisle.

Charlotte: I disagree, I believe that there’s that one perfect person out there to complete you.

Miranda: And if you don’t find him, what!, you’re incomplete?, it’s so dangerous!

Carrie: Alright first of all the idea that there’s only one out there, I mean, why don’t I just shoot myself right now? I’d like to think that people have more than one soulmate.

Samantha: I agree, I’ve had hundreds.

Carrie: Yeah, and you know what, if you miss one along comes another, like cabs.

Charlotte: No, that is not how it works.

Carrie: Oh Ok.

Miranda: But you’re still looking outside yourself, It’s saying that you are not enough.

Charlotte: Are you enough?

Carrie: Actually today she’s too much.

Samantha: Look the bad thing about the one perfect soulmate is that is so unattainable you’re being set out to fail.

Miranda: Exactly and you feel bad about yourself.

Samantha: Yeah, and that makes the gap between the Holy Grail and the assholes even bigger.

Charlotte: Well, I don’t care, I believe in soulmates, I thought Trey was mine but I don’t think that a soulmate would… on your leg. But there’s got to that be that someone out there who’s just perfect for me. Maybe I should keep looking.

Carrie: Here you go!

Miranda: We’re filling this out.

Charlotte: No, I’m not in the mood.

Miranda: Not for you, for her.

Charlotte: Oh, Ok!

Carrie: No!

All: Yes!!!

Miranda: Age, check box twenty to twenty-five, twenty-five to thirty, thirty to thirty four.

Charlotte: Not after next week, birthday girl, thirty-five.

Miranda: Thirty-five to forty-four.

Samantha: Honey, welcome to my box.

That last line just kills me.

Anyway, sorry I’ve been AWOL kittens–I have been diligently working on my dessert for the DICED! competition (I think you’ll like it, and yes, there is Jell-O) and I need to get that submitted before I can go back to writing here—I have some good stuff lined up (there’s an Impossible Pie!).

I will be back in action next week. In the meantime, I hope that everyone who is Polar Vortexing right now stays warm and snug!


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0 Responses to This is 35

  1. trixfred30 says:

    Seriously what I would give (well not a leg but something) to be 35! Actually you are the same age as my youngest sister. That makes you young!

  2. Angie says:

    35 was a good year, I think, I am getting to old to remember such things.

  3. 30under40 says:

    Happy Birthday! What’s funny is that I have been thinking a lot about THIS same Sex and the City dilemma.

  4. DrJulieAnn says:

    Happy birthday! Thirty five was a very good year. At least I remember it that way. But it was *cough* years ago so I may have just forgotten all of the bad stuff. So, I hope YOUR 35th year is as good, if not better, than I remember mine being!

  5. Michelle says:

    May 35 be a Jell-O-filled year!

  6. Rusty Cunningham says:

    Hippy Bathday!

  7. Happy Birthday! May the upcoming year be full of terrifying retro hilarity for your enjoyment…

  8. I’m sorry I missed your birthday but happy belated 35th! I’ve got 15 years on you and trust me, between then and how (especially your 40s) you will have the time of your life! I did!

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