Let’s Make a Deal!

If you recall, thanks to your votes, I made it through the first round of DICED! with my Corny Cheddar Chowder and Chesapeake Onion Straws. It was a hit!


I just competed in round two; the challenge was to craft an entree and sides with the secret ingredients: white fish, white pepper, cauliflower, and brie. Well, I have just presented my Gluten-Free Beer Battered Cod with Cauliflower Cheese up at Rantings of an Amateur Chef.

fish and cauliflower copy - Featured Size

As of today I am in last place. Like, last place by a lot. Last place is unacceptable!

I want to–no, I need to–get into round 3 just to make the dessert. So, please go and vote me through to round 3 of the DICED! competition, I will have to make a dessert with 3 random ingredients.

And here’s what you’ll get in return: I promise to incorporate gelatin.

I shit you not. Whatever ingredients they throw my way, I will add gelatin.

So please go on over and vote for me: once, twice, fourteen times.

Remember: good bad or ugly, there will be Jell-O.


Frappes and molds and delights, oh my!

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0 Responses to Let’s Make a Deal!

  1. Sarah says:

    well your fans can certainly rally, miss now in first place.. or everyone really loves jello

  2. Michelle says:

    Done. Bring on the Jell-O!

  3. tarynnicole says:

    Done. Now if only you’d bing back Weiner Wednesday as well! Good Luck. x

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