So, I’m, like in a cooking competition n’at.

Seriously. over at The Rantings of an Amateur Chef, I’m part of a food competition. Not a challenge like the Jell-O ones. I am going head-to-head with other cooks. So there’s voting. And there are prizes. I LOVE PRIZES.

So the rules are simple: the participants are given 3 ingredients and we have to whip up a dish that incorporates all three. This round is either appetizer, salad, or soup. And the secret ingredients were corned beef, canned corn, and corn flakes.

I made a soup that I call Corny Cheddar Chowder with Chesapeake Onion Straws. I had to give it a little Baltimore-twist, right, kittens? OLD BAY. BAM!

It makes everything better

It makes everything better

So hop on over there, check it out, and then when voting opens on December 7th, go and vote your butts off. I want to make it to the next round just to see what the secret ingredients are.

And also, my soup was pretty frickin’ good. Just ask Todd, Leah, and Mr. Buckeye. They will vouch for me. It was a damn fine chowder.

CLICK HERE to see my soup!

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  1. OLD BAY – now I know what it looks like I cannot wait to have it in my kitchen. I will send golden syrup before the month is out for sure xx

  2. rusty cunningham says:

    Good luck in the competition. By the way, did you ever finish making all of the DIS cards?

    • Yinzerella says:

      Thanks, Rusty!
      Nope, I haven’t finished the dinners. I have about 20 left. It’s hard to do those giant meals when it’s just me, ya know? That’s why I’ve been doing the smaller stuff.
      I did make the DiS beef stew, I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it!

      • Rusty Cunningham says:

        Yes, I do know, but I just made a big ol’ batch of Bigos and between family & friends I have ‘nary a bowl. Besides…that’s what tupperware is for 😉

        p.s. – I’ll give you another vote!

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