BH&G Cooking for Two: Meatball Stroganoff

Cooking for Two

On Sunday morning I drove my buddy Mr. Buckeye* to the airport (lucky bitch flew to a Mexican resort for a week of sun, scuba, and margaritas while I’m here in Baltimore dealing with never ending body work on my car that was broken into. Two weeks ago. Color me pissed. But that is neither here nor there. I’m here to talk about food), so the night before I offered to make him dinner while he packed for his vacation and watched the Ohio State vs. Iowa game. Because I am an awesome friend.

Well, and I need content for the blog.

Since I am such a smart cookie (and detest to waste perfectly good food), I chose a dish from Better Homes & Gardens Cooking for Two (1977 printing) so there wouldn’t be any leftovers. Well, there are leftovers, but they are in his freezer. You see, this dish is from the “Meals to Double-Up and Divide” chapter. Once made, the meatballs (48 in all) are used in four different meals. Brilliant!

DSCF5971[1] DSCF5970[1]

It’s a veritable meatball bounty!

special meal in minutes

Of course, I first started with the basic meatballs:


Meatballs on standby!





Um, I kinda over-baked the meatballs. I blame Buckeye’s newfangled electric oven. For reals.

So once those were done, I prepared the meatballs in the style of “Special Meal in Minutes” and made the sides.

Meatball StroganoffDSCF5938

I should have taken a picture of the stove top at this point because I had 3 pots going at once and it was organized chaos (unlike most times when I’m behind the stove).

Meatball Stroganoff

Who’s getting really good at making cream sauces?
This girl right here.

It’s true that once the meatballs were made, this dinner was ready in minutes. It was just a matter of boiling the water, dropping the egg noodles, and heating up the canned green beans.

meatball stroganoff dinner

Meatball Stroganoff, Deviled Green Beans, and Salad Wedge

See, two perfect plates, and NO LEFTOVERS because I made just enough for two!

Cooking for Two dinner

We’re from the mid-west. It’s ranch dressing all. day. long.

So, how was it?

Well, since it was so damned easy, I’m calling this one a win. However, I did bake the meatballs too long. And I used Dijon mustard instead of regular ol’ mustard on the green beans (and may have used too much).

BUT! The Stroganoff sauce was pretty damn good. And with the noodles and the meatballs, it was a bit like the IKEA Swedish meatballs. And who on the planet doesn’t like the IKEA meatballs?


We did not round out the dinner with lemon sherbet and coffee. Me and Mr. Buckeye had scotch. Lots and lots of scotch. Because that is how we roll.

The remaining 36 meatballs are in the freezer, so I look forward to cooking and blogging the other 3 dinners very soon!

*Mr. Buckeye wanted a cool-ass nickname for the blog. Since he is the biggest Ohio State fan I know (and I know some big Ohio State fans) I think that Buckeye is certainly fitting. I mean, his basement is a fucking shrine to OSU. On game days he blares marching band music at his house. Marching band music, people! Like, on the stereo. Aaaaaand he named his dog Scarlet O’Grey.  For those of you who are not in the know–OSU’s colors are (you guessed it!) scarlet and grey (insert eye roll here).  But I overlook this overload of twee because the dog is so damn cute. 
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9 Responses to BH&G Cooking for Two: Meatball Stroganoff

  1. Wow, Mr Buckeye is a very cool nom de plum. Or whatever we may call blog monikers. Is there anyone that doesn’t like meat balls? (apart from vegetarians) There is no finer sight to see than four dozen small meat balls – they look bloody delicious x

  2. Conor Bofin says:

    Your blog is unique. If it were possible to get more unique, it would do so with each post.

  3. Angie says:

    I love this! I love freezing stuff for later. I am going to make these with Turkey to make them a bit more WW friendly. Thanks for the idea. Mama needs more things to put in her freezer she bought herself as a house warming present.

  4. I should not have read this while I was hungry. Give me the MEATBALLS

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