Wiener Wednesday: Pork Sausage Croutes

The Marguerite Patten Recipe Cards have returned!

And with a vengeance! Feast your eyes on this:


Pork Sausage Croute Recipe Yay! A Lamb & Pork card!

Well, these definitely look…weird. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms. Patten!

Let me get this out of the way: I didn’t make the little bacon rolls. Not because I didn’t want to!  I  just didn’t have any in the house and I wasn’t going to invest in bacon just for a garnish. Bacon. Garnish. All things should be garnished with bacon. So much better than a paltry sprig of parsley.

That being said, let’s get to it!

Well this is an odd little recipe. I did the internet research for you–a croute is a round of bread with a savory topping. Croute is French, y’all! So yes, this does qualify as a croute.

The ingredients are: pork sausage, tomato, bacon, dessert apples and bread rounds (what the hell is a “dessert apple”?).

The directions are: Cook bacon and make little rolls (cute!). Brown sausage. Fry apple. Toast bread rounds. Assemble.

So the toast, apple and sausage made sense. But then there was the tomato. And the parsley. What is this–a caprese salad? The apple/tomato/sausage combo is completely illogical. But what else should I expect from the mastermind behind Sausage Boatees?

The cooking of the apple and toasting of the bread rounds

The cooking of the apple and toasting of the bread rounds

It’s especially strange because the whole thing is cooked except for the tomato. So everything is warm and then there’s a cold slice of tomato plopped on it. Like I said above, this recipe is illogical. But here is the result.


It’s a little sad, right? But it does look like the croute on the recipe card!

For my first bite I tried to get a little of everything on the fork. And gosh was it odd. That tomato! It just–blarg. The second bite, sans tomato, was much improved. But I still didn’t want to have this as my dinner.

I peeled the tomato off of the croute and threw the remainder of the dish in a little container with some of my slow cooker applesauce* to have for breakfast at work the next day. Applesauce + sausage + toast completely makes sense to me. I nuked it. It was good.

Doesn't look like much. But it was tasty.

Doesn’t look like much. But it was tasty.

So there you have it. Another Wiener Wednesday!

*Slow Cooker Applesauce: throw some peeled, chopped apples in a slow cooker with a little bit of water or apple juice. Cook for–well, as long as you can–and then mash with a potato masher. I like to put some cinnamon and nutmeg in mine. It tastes just like apple pie filling. With no sugar!
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  1. In the UK we differentiate between dessert apples and cooking apples which are sharper. Most Brits are bonkers about apples but I’m not bothered about them or any other fruit really. Unless it’s a Vincent Price Chicken in Pineapple. I like the look of your croutes x

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