National Jell-O Week!

I really need to mark the 2nd week of February on my calendar because this is the second time that National Jell-O Week has snuck up on me! I am woefully unprepared. Again. I will attempt to make numerous jiggly treats this week to share with you; but in the meantime, get in the spirit of the season by feasting your eyes on some of my past Jell-O creations:

Jellied consomme heart!

Jellied consomme heart!
A.K.A beef broth Jell-O

Mandarin Orange Jello Salad

Mandarin Orange Jello Salad
Tastes like Tang

aspic finished.

Tomato Aspic
Complete with avocado chunks

Apricot Bavarian CreamLight, fluffy and bouncy

Apricot Bavarian Cream
Light, fluffy and bouncy

So are you ready to get jiggly with it? Check in all this week for more wobbly delicacies.

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0 Responses to National Jell-O Week!

  1. That’s what my tomato aspic was missing–avocado chunks! I actually liked it. Paul didn’t. You win some you lose some. Your Apricot Bavarian Cream looks awfully impressive, by the way.

    I’m gearing up to make some Jellied Veal Loaf as part of my 1920s Menu Challenge. I really really hope I like it.

  2. Yinzerella says:

    I wasn’t fond of the tomato aspic.
    However, I quite enjoyed the Jellied Veal that I made. I hope that it is a positive experience for you, too. Good luck on the 20s menu. I love the challenge!

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