Hooray for National Pie Day!

Hello darlings. I just found out that January 23 is National Pie Day! A lot of pie has happened in my kitchen, so CLICK HERE for a full list of all the pie-tastic action.

Additionally, in honor of this most excellent of days, I dug through my archives and found this little number from Halloween. Enjoy!

I am totally enamored with Bisquick Impossible Pies (see also, Impossible Taco Pie). I always take the name as a challenge. Impossible!

Like all Impossible Pies–and how many of these are there? Does anyone have any other of these recipes? It’s like Pokemon, I’ve Gotta Catch Them All!–all you do is put everything in the blender and then bake it.

Was there a marked difference between the filling and the crust? Not really. But whatever little there was, it didn’t come out of the pie plate. I may have not baked it at high enough heat for long enough. Even though my pie ended up in there about 70 minutes (damn you, apartment oven).

So I put it in the fridge overnight. Perhaps it needed to ‘set.’ And that did work. The piece of pie stayed together this time. But was there a substantial crust? Not so much. But looking at the original Bisquick ad, there wasn’t one anyway. Regardless, after refrigeration both the taste and consistency improved.

So perhaps the impossible wasn’t possible this time around. But since I don’t like that burnt crust pie edge (although I like that in pizza–go figure) this was fine by me. And this method is definitely a lot easier than making and rolling out a pie crust.

Liked this Bisquick treat? Check out my Impossible Taco Pie!


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  1. Hey it’s always good to see retro food as a challenge. “I won’t back down no matter how many ‘Impossible’ Pies you throw at me, Bisquick!”

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