Bourbon Bonfire

Welcome to autumn, bitches!

There is definitely a chill in the air here in Baltimore. Fall has FINALLY arrived. To ward off those nippy nights, here is a little cocktail I concocted that is a twist on a Bourbon Furnace, which is traditionally hot cider, bourbon, whole cloves, and a cinnamon stick. I wanted to make mine a little saucier, a little spicier. So I added some spiced rum and some additional spices and the result was a Bourbon Furnace with an exotic kick. So I give you the Bourbon Bonfire!

In a sauce pan combine:

3 cups cider
1 whole nutmeg
1 star anise
2 whole cloves
1/4 teaspoon Garam Masala.

When hot, stir in :

3 shots bourbon
1 shot spiced rum

The result is sweet, peppery, and warming.  And boozy. Deliciously boozy.

I need to buy some cider, find myself a a boy (good luck with that one, Em), whip up some some Bourbon Bonfires,  and get all snuggly somewhere.

Is anyone doing anything particularly autumnal this weekend?

*this recipe original appeared on 10/12/11
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6 Responses to Bourbon Bonfire

  1. Noah says:

    Going to a pumpkin patch/farmer’s market on Sunday to pick up some fall stuff. Now I may have to look for some cider so I can try this out.

  2. sounds like REALLY AWESOME cider!

    We’re buying pumpkins this weekend to do a (hopefully hilarious) jack-o-lantern display. And then probably making a lot of pies 😀

  3. Yinzerella says:

    Reblogged this on Dinner is Served 1972 and commented:

    It’s National Mulled Cider Day! So I have to pull this one out of the archives, like I do every year.
    Is it autumnal where you are? It’s still a bit stuffy here. But I think starting tomorrow we might be entering sweater weather…

  4. Oh how I wish we had pumpkin patches in the UK – sigh! We are having an Indian Summer, not Autumnal at all here yet… But I LOVE the sound of the Bourbon Bonfire and might serve these at my Halloween shindig x

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