Wiener Wednesday: Chihuahua

Hola! Welcome to Wiener Wednesdays, my darlings!

I’ve had guests for the past 2 weekends so I really haven’t had time to cook (faux McRib notwithstanding). I haven’t had time to grocery shop, either. So for this week’s Wiener Wednesday I just really pulled one out of my ass with what I had in my house. Sometimes that’s just what you have to do.

Well, to qualify as a Wiener Wednesday, there had to be a hot dog, so I started there. And I had tortillas, corn tortilla chips, queso con salsa, and refried beans on hand. I quickly realized that I was veering into Taco Bell FourthMeal territory so I went the Crunchwrap Supreme route.

The world needs more food with maximum portability. Because you never know when you’re gonna have to jam and you’re not yet done with your taco.

I didn’t intend on buying more items for this dish, but I had to get some more kitty litter for Brian (damn does that cat go through a lot of litter and food!), and was already at the Safeway so I got some lettuce, tomato, and sour cream to be as true to the Taco Bell vision as possible.

Anyway, I nuked the hot dog and the cheese sauce, chopped the lettuce and tomato, and put it all in the tortilla. It became abundantly clear that I was not going to do the ‘wrap’ part. Those tortillas they use at the Taco Bell must be MASSIVE. Like, large-pizza massive.

So I had to use 2 tortillas, like in a quesadilla.

It was layered: bottom tortilla, bean, sliced hot dog, tortilla chips, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and top tortilla.

Can you believe that I was able to flip the fucker? I’m still in shock and awe over my flipping skills. It got a little lopsided but it all stayed in!

Most definitely not portable. And not good. Hot dogs had no business being here. But for that I only have myself to blame. So I picked around the hot dogs and ate just the beans, cheese, tortilla chips, tomato, lettuce, and sour cream. I didn’t even really eat any of the big flour tortillas. There was just something off about them.

So this wasn’t a CrunchWrap Supreme. It was an abomination. With a hot dog. A Mexican Hot Dog. Inspired by Taco Bell. Therefore it is the Chihuahua!


I could go the obvious route and leave you with some “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” action, but instead here’s The Sugarcubes (starring Bjork!) singing about Chihuahuas. Or something.

Oh! And if you missed it, I was a Foodista Featured Drink Blog of the Day on October 9. I even got a little badge there over on the right sidebar. That’s pretty damn cool. Cheers!

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9 Responses to Wiener Wednesday: Chihuahua

  1. Damn. Now I want some Taco Hell 4th meal.

  2. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    I am soooo getting TBell for lunch.

  3. veg-o-matic says:

    Oh, come on now, Em. You really didn’t see that train wreck coming when you put sliced hot dogs on top of refried beans?
    I prefer to think that you did see it looming on the horizon and decided to forge on anyway because you’re just that badass.

    • Yinzerella says:

      I knew it. I know that there was no good reason for me to put the hot dogs on the beans. But sometimes being bad feels so good.

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