WIENER WEDNESDAY: Seattle Hot Pocket

So since I now live such a wiener-centric life I was doing some light reading on the other types of hot dogs–specifically regional dogs. We all know about the Chicago Dog, but did you know that there is a Seattle Dog?

Yep. it’s your standard dog topped with sauerkraut, sauteed onion, brown mustard, and cream cheese. Well, this combo was just weird enough that I had to try it.

But instead of just making an ordinary ol’ dog and slapping the toppings on it, I had some left over crescent roll dough from another meal so I made myself a Seattle Hot Dog Hot Pocket.

This was good. Really good. And because of the sauteed onions and the sauerkraut and the cream cheese there was a pierogie vibe going on. Actually, if you replaced the frank with a kielbasa or some other Polish sausage in there (and take out the mustard), you’d have a dough-wrapped Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Polish Platter. It’s a Polish Calzone!

Whatever you call it, you can call it delicious. I might have to experiment more with this concept.

I also discovered by doing a “pierogie dance” Google (yeah, what of it?) a PIEROGIE DANCE PARTY was held in Cleveland earlier this year. I love the description:

April Friday the 13th 2012, we will combine cutting edge music, visuals and pierogi into Cleveland’s biggest dance party.

DJs! Pierogies! Visuals! I adore the 8-bit ‘rogies in the video.

But this means that we need to step up our game, Pittsburgh. If we can bring back roller disco  I think we can out-pierogie Cleveland. Maybe set one of the racing pierogies on fire and shoot it through a cannon across the Allegheny river, while the William Tell Overture plays. Use this as a visual aide:

That’s a winner.


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6 Responses to WIENER WEDNESDAY: Seattle Hot Pocket

  1. Jill says:

    I could barely get past the phrase “wiener-centric life.” Bahahaha.

  2. great concept for a blog – love it

  3. veg-o-matic says:

    “Seattle hot pocket” sounds absolutely filthy.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh man does that sound good! And I agree – we here in Pittsburgh should definitely be outdoing Cleveland in Pierogies (and football)!

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