Behold the Miracles of Miracle Whip

Hello, darlings!

Oh, things have been mighty crazy over here in Dinner is Served! land—-believe you me! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t squeezed in a little time here and there to whip up some retro deliciousness (or disgustingness, depending on your taste).

In fact, was just invited to be a guest blogger for The Retroist (a totally cool nostalgia site). Well, I’m just pleased as punch! So for my maiden post I put some spunk in my dunk with the magic of Miracle Whip!miraclewhip

Mmmmmm, yummy. Wanna see how it turned out? Go on and read about it over at The Retroist! Click HERE.

Also, coming soon–a very special dinner in honor of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the world’s next great drag superstar, Sharon Needles!!!

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