Steak Mad Men (Steak Diane)

Ah, after almost a year and a half the time had finally arrived for the return of Don Draper. While thousands of people across the nation were hosting Mid-Century Modern Man Men parties in honor of this glorious occasion, Cleve and I celebrated in a more low-key manner with a Mad Men Tete-a-tete.

Hosting a Mad Men-themed soiree is old hat for me. True story.

Mad Men Mondays in the campaign office. Yes, that's seriously what it looked like. Shit, I'm giving some Joan Holloway realness.

Picture it, Pittsburgh 2009: in the decaying building that once held the Phantom in the Attic comic book shop, a ragtag crew toils day in and day out in the hopes that their independent candidate would be elected the next mayor of Pittsburgh. Knowing that all of their work would ultimately be futile, two gentlemen conjured up a brilliant morale booster: Mad Men Mondays. Jeans and sneakers were out. Suits and skirts were in. A Manhattan (or 2) at lunch was required and those Lucky Strikes weren’t going to smoke themselves. And sometimes those days ended with cocktails and a casserole at my apartment. Dinner was ready by the time the menfolk arrived. Ah, good times.

Fast forward to present day. Which is’t too far off. I can still rock a major bouffant and I’m still whipping up cocktails and casseroles for my man. For Mad Men Sunday I chose to prepare some dishes from The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook by Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin. I’m a big fan of the book–it’s a cookbook, episode guide, and a culinary historical text all wrapped into one well-written and beautifully photographed package. If you don’t own it yet (and I think you should), you can buy it here.

My Mad Men Sunday menu:

  • Don’s Old Fashioned (Page 11)
  • The Oak Bar Manhattan (Page 66)
  • Playboy Whiskey Sour (Page 69)
  • Chutney Spread Canapes (Page 104)
  • Keenes’ Caesar Salad (Page 146)
  • “Steak Mad Men”

Here’s Don’s Old Fashioned, which was arguably the best cocktail of the night.
The Oak Bar Manhattan, made with Seagram’s whiskey. A classic.

The Playboy Whiskey Sour. I topped it off with soda water, as they do in Here’s How! By Stouffer’s cocktail guide. It was a little weak that way. But still good.

I chose the Chutney Canape Spread because I had all of the ingredients: chutney, curry, coconut, etc. already on hand. I liked this one a lot. I made my own melba toast.

Keenes’ Caesar Salad. Or not.

The dressing was a bit bland for my taste so I went crazy and added Dijon mustard, black pepper and Crystal Hot Sauce. So this was more my salad than Keenes’. But their crouton recipe was pretty damn good.

I chose Steak Diane or as I’m calling it, “Steak Mad Men,” after reading an article on lost foods of New York City by Leah Koenig for Capital New York. The recipe she includes is her adaptation from one in Arthur Schwartz’s New York City Food.

This recipe is a keeper. This was rather easy and very quick. Beef in a shallot-Cognac gravy? Yes, please! I would definitely make this again–the piece of meat was under $4!

All in all, my Mad Men dinner was a success!

What did you do for last night’s episode? Did you do anything special for the big show–have a marathon in advance? Cook up a retro treat? Mix up some martinis? Maybe you dressed up?

Yeah, we dressed up. The precedent had been set after all.

Mr. Cleveland, Junior Partner:

Here I am channeling Betty Draper-Francis, the epitome of disdain. She should hang with Brian.

Yesterday was also an excuse to wear the matching fur hat. A hat that looks eerily reminiscent to my actual hair.

Anyway, I’m gonna Zou Bisou Bisou outta here. What did you think of last night’s show?

Hit it, French girl (who looks like Patty Duke)!

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14 Responses to Steak Mad Men (Steak Diane)

  1. Wendi says:

    I am in awe of your matching stole and hat.

  2. Dad says:


    I usually don’t have much time to read DiS at the office during the day, but I had to read this one. It was great. I greatly suspected, and now I know, that you were born several decades too late.


  3. mum says:

    that mink stole never looked better!

    • Yinzerella says:

      Thanks everyone! The furs are courtesy of Gramsy–as are the gloves. I really need to start attending galas of some sort so I can bust out all of the fabulousness that lies deep in my closet!

  4. Karen says:

    You certainly know how to throw a party and have fun.

  5. Cleve says:

    Its hard to see in the photo, but let it be known I am totally holding a pack of Lucky Strikes in the photo.

  6. Laura says:

    Reason #28749 that you are the coolest: your menu consisted of 6 items, 3 of which were booze. Marry me.

    • Yinzerella says:

      Laura, would you expect anything less? I was telling Cleve yesterday that I need to make more of the cocktail/appetizer cards because the dinners are so time consuming. So look out for more from Beverage Bonus!

  7. veg-o-matic says:

    Your hair looks good up. You should wear it like that every day.

  8. You look absolutely fabulous. Want to fly over and guest DJ for me and my Shellac Sisters on the wind-up gramophone?! I had a Mad Man party last night and cooked a feast suggested by Betty Crocker in her Hostess Cookbook. I almost went stark staring mad when I spotted a copy of this is Betty Draper’s kitchen once, as I already had a copy. I like to think that my Betty Draper would have made, or at least considered making the Italian style buffet dinner suggested by Betty Crocker and made by yours truly. I think you would like the pictures:


  9. Nic says:

    Nice hat, Bibsy.

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