Apple-Cheddar Ball

Last weekend Cleve and I attended a Twelfth Night party hosted by his co-worker, Kristen, who just happens to be an avid Dinner is Served! reader.

I don’t know exactly what a Twelfth Night party is (I’m too lazy to read the article), but I think it has something to do with the Epiphany (I don’t know what that is) or the 12 Days of Christmas–but I do know that it involves a big cake with a baby Jesus or a pistachio shell baked into it and if you get the shell and/or “Baby  Gee” you get to wear a crown. I just wore the crown anyway. Everyone was so blotto from milk punch that no one noticed.

Since we were so graciously invited, and Kristen is a DiS! fan (and cookbook collector), I decided to contribute a little retro treat: an Apple-Cheddar ball. This was still a holiday party of sorts, after all, and Cheese Ball screams holly jolly to me. And speaking of Cheese Balls–it seems like no one ever has them at parties any more. And that makes me sad. I think we need to begin a Cheese Ball revival. Anyone with me?

Anyhoo…this one was a snap–by using pre-shredded cheddar, the most involved part of this dish was buying the applejack (apple brandy) because I had to drive up to the county to the big liquor store. OK, that’s a lie, I was going up there anyway to go to Weight Watchers (that’s a whole other story).

But I digress. The most I had to do with this was mix, shape, and slice some apples. And that was super-easy with my new, fabulous, and terribly sharp Global knives! Thank you again, mum & dad.

I followed the directions and combined the cheeses, sour cream, applejack and syrup and mixed it together. As I went along I added a bit of extra brandy, maple syrup, and sour cream. This did increase the apple/maple flavor–which was a good thing, anyway–but I did it because my lil’ hand mixer was having a hard time getting through all that cheese. It needed some liquid to smooth it out. And it did the trick. BTW, I still haven’t busted out the KitchenAid because I don’t have room for it. But I fully intend to do so this weekend when I make homemade pizza dough for Saturday night–Teresa Guidice’s recipe from Skinny Italian.

As you can tell from the photo where I am holding the cheese, this was one big-ass cheese ball. It was really heavy, which I guess isn’t surprising considering that there is a pound of shredded cheddar in it.

So once molded, I put the apple wedges around it and squished them into the ball so they stuck.

So there you have it. Apple-Cheddar Ball.

I’m happy that it turned out like the photo. And it was tasty, to boot. The sharpness of the cheddar plus the sweetness of the apples and the maple syrup–deeeee-lish. I don’t know exactly why the applejack was included. I don’t think it was necessary. But since this did come from the 2 in 1 International Hors d’oeuvres & Cocktails Recipe Collection, booze-inclusion is a given.

We didn’t try the Apple Blossom cocktail, but if I get some apple juice I will have all of the necessary ingredients. I’ll let you know if I give that a whirl.

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21 Responses to Apple-Cheddar Ball

  1. iamsurly says:

    This I might could actually try. Which worries me.

  2. Laura says:

    “Everyone was so blotto from milk punch that no one noticed.”

    That sentence took me three tries to understand. Ah, working in the morning…

  3. Holy cheeseballs….yours does look exactly like the picture on the card.

  4. looks lovely and sounds delish. Something about apples and cheese. And booze is involved? count me in!
    And you are correct. Noone ever has a cheese ball at parties anymore. Perhaps a cheeseball revolution needs to begin….

  5. Someone brought a cheese ball to a party I attended recently and it was devoured, gone before anything else so that question has been on my mind. Not keeping me awake actually or anything but really…what’s NOT to like about cheese and cheese and booze and more cheese. I use booze in a of things I do and sometimes it acts to elevate the flavors it’s combined with without necessarily being evident itself so I say…bring on the Applejack! Now about that cocktail?

  6. My lovely daughter always makes her famous cheeseball for family events…it’s usually gone within the 1st hour! A very popular yummy! This looks awesome, and I think it’s given me the courage to give cheesball crafting a try…by the way, I absolutely love your writing!! I laugh the whole way through your posts!!

  7. mum says:

    this looks beautiful and delicious! i need to make this for my next dinner party…and you are once again welcome for the knives, my love.

  8. Erica says:

    Turned out beautifully AND tasted good? Victory! Nice job 🙂

  9. veg-o-matic says:

    That looks really good. I’d probably forego the applejack, just because I don’t want to buy a bottle of something and only use a couple tablespoonsful. That apple/cheese combo is something you don’t come across nearly often enough.
    And I love how your product looks even BETTER than the DiS! card.
    I make Keith’s mother’s cheeseball every Christmas and special occasion. Because it is So. Freaking. Delicious. Turns out that it’s actually a Kraft recipe and Ruth over at midcenturymenu made the same thing for New Year’s. If you decide to make it (recipe available at Ruth’s site or I can email it to you), make sure you up the amount of green pepper and onion.
    Look who I’m telling!
    Also, if there’s any left over, try baking it a la crab dip. Keith and I couldn’t shovel it in fast enough.

  10. Kristen says:

    I can just affirm that the cheese ball was SERIOUSLY yummy, and super popular. I had some left over to enjoy on my ownsies, but not much. Given that, really, the first thought in anyone’s mind at that point in the evening was More Milk Punch, it is an especially enthusiastic two thumbs up from the party guests.

    It was an awesome addition to the table…as the two of you were to the festivities as a whole! (and thank goodness SOMEONE wore the crown!)

  11. This sounds pretty damn amazing. Cheese balls should come back into fashion if they’re anything like this one!

  12. Victoria Belanger says:

    Holy cheese balls! This look amazing. I think I’m gonna try it. I bet it would be really good with brie cheese too.

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