A letter of apology

Dear friends,

I am sorry that so many of you were distressed and upset by the Browns content of #73 Lasagna. Just remember that, after a Steelers game, you are not on the floor in the fetal position wearing a Bubby Brister jersey lamenting the fact that you have never seen your team win a Super Bowl.

Let’s have some empathy, people.

Here is Cleve trying his hardest to return the favor. Although that smile is veering on a grimace.

We are a bi-franchise couple.

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4 Responses to A letter of apology

  1. Dillon says:

    I support you, and your bi-franchise-ness. I don’t judge.

    Nuthin’ but love… and tasty lasagna.

  2. Dad says:


    You fallen angel! I can hold my tongue no longer. Being “bi-franchised” is a sin against nature and all of Steeler-kind. You have broken the First Commandment: “The Steelers are thy team. Thou shalt not worship false football teams before thee.” You are hereby condemned to a life of fan mediocrity until such time as you again praise the almighty black and gold. You should be ASHAMED!!!!!!


  3. Yinzerella says:

    Dear Dad,
    I thought that you would be more accepting. Alas, Cleve and I must again hide our forbidden love from an uncaring and ununderstanding world.

    P.S. Are we still invited to Thanksgiving?

    • Dad says:

      By now you are probably packed and on your way so. . . okay.

      Drive carefully, sweetie.
      Your loving and ever so understanding father.

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