Beverage Bonus: The Mason!

Are you familiar with Thunderbird wine? Are you familiar with James Mason? Well, if not, get acquainted with both in this stellar commercial:

Thunderbird is categorized as a “bum wine.” My only knowledge of T-Bird was via my college buddy Pete. He would always talk about hanging out, being all badass and drinking Thunderbird out of the bottle. I don’t know who he was with when he was drinking it because I never saw him do it. It must have been when he was off-campus hanging out in North Oakland. I wonder if he was drinking Thunderbird when they found the dead body in the ravine behind his house (this was all before Pete pulled a George Jefferson and moved it on up to Squirrel Hill).

A bottle of Thunderbird overlooking a fire escape and the parking lot of a nursing home. Baltimore doesn't get any better than this.

I cannot take credit for any part of this beverage except that I cut the lemon and froze the ice. This commercial inspired us to try Thunderbird on ice with a slice, and Cleveland christened it as The Mason.

So, how is a Mason? To quote Mr. James Mason himself: Thunderbird has an unusual flavor. It’s not great, but that flavor is nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. It’s not as sweet as I imagined, either. I thought it was going to be sickeningly sweet like Boone’s Farm, but Thunderbird was more citrus than sugar. Now, if one were to drink it in bum-fashion (lukewarm and out of a paper bag) this would be utterly dreadful, akin to drinking a warm Zima. Yeah, imagine that one.

But if you’ve got the shakes or want to get a girl blackout drunk and only have $3 in your pocket, well, to once again quote James Mason, it’s an exceptionally good drink for every occasion!

For more on the legend of Thunderbird go here.

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  1. Noah says:

    Awesomeness from the Wikipedia article: Low-end fortified wines are “more popular for their effect than their taste” and “are often consumed to cause drunkenness.”

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